Shufti Pro Continues Global Expansion with the New Ukraine Office

Kyiv, Ukraine, June 03, 2021 --( As part of its plan for global expansion, the world-renowned identity verification service provider Shufti Pro has opened a new office in Kiev, Maidan Plaza, Maidan Nezalezhnosti, 2. Kyiv, 02000, Ukraine.

Shufti Pro has expanded its operations in Ukraine to incorporate the big pool of IT talent into its services. Additionally, with a population of approximately 44 million, the Ukrainian economy is expected to grow 4% annually between 2021–2023. However, its rapid growth makes it a lucrative target for fraudsters and their illicit schemes. To safeguard Ukrainian companies against the surging threat of money laundering, banking scams, and other financial malpractices, Shufti Pro offers the perfect safety net.

The CEO of Shufti Pro, Victor Fredung, stated:

“We are excited to extend our services to Ukrainian businesses by opening our new office in Kiev, Maidan Plaza. As the demand for verifying digital identities continues to grow, our services can be availed by leading enterprises that aim to eliminate fraud and maintain compliance in a single go.”

Headquartered in London, UK, Shufti Pro provides AI-based identity verification solutions to its clients worldwide, with regional offices in Cyprus, Dubai, and Sweden. By extending their services into Ukraine, the SaaS provider aims to assist Ukrainian companies to safeguard themselves against identity and financial fraud while maintaining compliance with global AML and KYC regulations.

With the launch of the new office in Kyiv, team Shufti Pro will be better able to cater to the digital ID verification needs of industries such as banking and financial services, cryptocurrency, healthcare, education, travel, online gaming, and more.

Commenting on the opening of the new office, Shahid Hanif, the Founder & CTO of Shufti Pro, stated:

“The launch of our new regional office in Ukraine aligns with our mission of providing top-of-the-line, customer-driven IDV services to our customers worldwide.”

About Shufti Pro
Shufti Pro is globally acclaimed for providing a rapid, secure, and compliant means of performing digital identity verification. Its AI-based IDV services have an accuracy rate of 98.67% and are offered in 230+ countries and territories. By supporting 3000+ identity documents in 150+ languages, the SaaS provider has proven to be ideal for eliminating the risk of fraud while maintaining regulatory compliance with AML, KYC, and GDPR.

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