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Behaviour Skills For Parents and Support People is a new 207 page large paperback book written specifically to help Parents, Teachers and Support People manage and modify challenging behaviour.

Dunedin, New Zealand, May 04, 2008 --( The new specialist written book 'Behaviour Skills For Parents and Support People' is intended to help people who find themselves supporting another person who emits behaviour that is unwanted.

So what is different about this book from the many others out there? Though it contains specialist advice, it is written in a way that everyone will be able to understand. It contains information that will be able to be implemented safely, and make a change to the unwanted behaviours. Importantly, the book is written by New Zealand based experienced and qualified Behaviour Specialist, Trevor Lewis, so the information is reliable and safe. All strategies explained in detail, are based on non-aversive methods. With many parents struggling to find positive ways of changing what can be family-destroying behaviour, this book is an important purchase. The book has been specifically priced at an affordable price of just $19.98 to ensure it is affordable for all.

Many parents have already found this book extremely helpful, you too can discover how you can help that person you support make some behavioural changes.

'Behaviour Skills for Parents and Support People' also includes the now famous 'Dior Method' chapters on Toilet Training and Anger Management. Also contained is information on autism, intellectual disability, Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder, and much more.

The book can be purchased Worldwide online from, or by requesting a copy from your local bookstore or library.

Behaviour Skills For Parents and Support People
Written by Trevor Lewis BA (Psych) PGDipSci (ABA)
ISBN: 978-0-473-13161-6

Behaviour Skills
Trevor Lewis
New Zealand based.