Malena Upsurged Quality Testing Standards Amid the COVID-19 Crisis to Provide Their Customers with 100% Hygienic Makeup Brushes

Dongguan Malena Cosmetics Company - a leading corporate of makeup brushes in China, showed no compromise with the quality standards of their makeup brushes this COVID season. On the contrary, during these critical months of the pandemic, they upsurged their quality testing standards and became a booster for most makeup stores.

Chicago, IL, June 10, 2021 --( According to Malena's CEO and owner, Sam Guo, "We believe we have a bright future as we have combated well with COVID-19 during this crucial pandemic era. We have fought well with these hard days and did not let our customers suffer. We have enhanced the testing standards of our quality makeup brushes so that our clients can get the cleanest cosmetic brushes. We have invested a bit more on its packaging as well to assure they are sterile and germ-free."

Malena's connected manufacturers and suppliers have strived hard during the Corona days to provide their customers with the supreme quality of sanitized cosmetics and tools. However, when the risk of Corona spread was extreme, the quality assurance department at Malena, being a corporate of professionals, became alert and improved their testing standards even more. International clients avail their products and services, and since the pandemic's inception, global eyes were set on Chinese brands and whether their products are reliable or not anymore.

Sam said, "Malena increased its testing stages in every vertical to check the endurance, performance, and quality of all the makeup accessories. As a result, we now have superior build quality while manufacturing these brushes and have eliminated all those with a slight lack of sanitation." They have also worked on protecting shipments and have increased the packaging layers so that these makeup brushes remain entirely untouched unless they reach their end customer.

Most makeup brands failed during this challenging period of the Corona crisis. However, Malena company did not forget their customers. It provided them contamination-free makeup cosmetic brushes by upping the internal quality standards as per their spokesperson, wife of the CEO, Malena. They have become one of the top internationally certified makeup brushes firms because of such professionalism. They also ensured that the bristles of the cosmetic brushes they are manufacturing provide 100 percent protection against different bacteria and viruses. This manifests that they understand the significance of such tools as these brushes contact the human skin directly, and they make sure to give utmost importance to the hygiene factor.

As the CEO of Malena, Sam, stated, "the future for us seems bright as we have fought well with this difficult time where even the top corporates dropped." Their efforts are admirable as they endeavored brilliantly to work on the hygiene factor and their germ-free makeup brushes are its true example for global brands.

Malena is an eminent and essential makeup brushes firm of China that offers its B2B customers a wide variety of cosmetic tools since several cosmetic industries regularly benefit from Malena's sourcing. Around 30+ customers have given 5-star reviews on their global Facebook page ( As per user reviews, they provide high-quality and antiseptic makeup brushes. They also offer unique makeup brush designs for a wider audience. Besides the versatility and fine quality of their brushes, Malena is also known for superior after-sales services and economical rates. Because of their proficiency and extraordinary skills, they have developed a bizarre professional relationship with most brands worldwide.
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