HotelsByDay Shares Tips on How to Take a Vaxication Without Breaking the Bank

New York, NY, June 10, 2021 --( “Vaxication” is the new term created to describe people’s post-COVID vaccination travel plans and if the numbers are any indication, the roadways and skies will be busy all summer long. A recent survey from TripAdvisor revealed 67% of Americans plan to travel this summer, with 74% of respondents staying within the United States. HotelsByDay shares tips below to help travelers have a relaxing, enjoyable vaxication without shelling out hundreds of dollars in the process.

- The more the merrier. Instead of taking a solo trip this summer, invite your vaccinated friends and family to join you on your excursion. You can split the gas, hotel room, activity costs and other expenses while also having some company on your trip, which is a major plus if you are planning on taking a long road trip.

- Think local. You don’t have to fly across the country or try to fit in a bucket list trip this summer to have a successful vaxication. There are numerous benefits to exploring local cities and towns such as the short commute and the ability to bring along your furry friend. Keeping it local also gives you a chance to get your feet wet traveling again after the pandemic and can obviously help save money since you won’t have to purchase a pricey plane ticket.

- Daycation it up. Travel has changed significantly over time, including hotel stays. Travelers are no longer required to rent a hotel room for the whole day if they just want to find a quiet place to relax or use the pool for a few hours. Hotels are now offering dayrooms and amenity passes daily so people can still create the vacation experience without having to take time off of work or go through the hassle of scheduling and paying for house and pet sitters.

- Deals, deals, deals. To get the best travel deals, people usually have to do a ton of Googling and research, but HotelsByDay has simplified the process. The app allows travelers to quickly locate a local hotel that has rooms and amenity passes available in blocks of three to 12 plus hours to fit their needs instead of paying for a whole day. On average, the app has over 150,000 registered bookings and over 7,000 daytime passes available for sale daily and all-day rates are discounted from night rates by 50% or more.

About HotelsByDay
HotelsByDay web-app enhances hotel experiences with daytime inventory of rooms and amenity passes sold in time bands of three to 12+ hours. Daytime bedrooms, meeting rooms, coworking desks, pool passes, cabanas, gym passes, and parking passes are some of the options that are available to purchase through the web-app. HotelsByDay has thousands of hotel options to choose from in places people need them the most like business districts, shopping hubs, by airports and near beaches. For more information about HotelsByDay and to download the app visit:
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