New Report Gives Biden Key to Successful Putin Summit; Omnicom Press Published Book with Important Background

New report provides perspective from summit host country Switzerland.

New Britain, CT, June 13, 2021 --( American University in Moscow has just published a crucial report. It advises President Biden on strategies key to a successful summit meeting with President Vladimir Putin of Russia. Dr. Edward Lozansky, AUM president, remarks that the summit, "is a rare positive signal amid an otherwise doom and gloom atmosphere as U.S.-Russian relations have sunk." Switzerland is the host country for the summit. The new report is authored by Swiss businessman Pascal Najadi. It is titled, "From Switzerland with a Message of Concern to President Biden."

In his report, Najadi congratulates Biden on his initiative in proposing the meeting. He says "it was an act of bravery" for Biden to do that given the domestic criticism he must have expected. The report cites actual examples of criticism that came forth. It provides quotes from CNN, Wall Street Journal, The Hill, RT, talk radio, and Sen. Ben Sasse to make the point.

Najadi is concerned, however, about the decorum of the meeting. His report explains that both presidents can expect to be received with "the utmost courtesy and dignity" in Switzerland. Najadi is critical, though, of the pre-summit behavior of both presidents. The report cites a troubling escalation of barbs being exchanged by the two presidents in advance. Najadi makes the case for the presidents to respect their host nation's values for courtesy and dignity.

The heart of the report lies in several concrete suggestions that are presented in detail. They include:

--Reestablishing reliable and unambiguous communications that was lost when the countries recalled their respective ambassadors.

--Pursuing the matter of cyberattacks in a cooperative, non-adversarial atmosphere.

--Dealing with the contentious matters concerning Ukraine in a fair, concrete, and practical way.

The report dives deeply into these issues and makes specific recommendations for overcoming existing standoffs.

Najadi asserts that these steps are strongly in the interests of the American people. They will reduce the unthinkable risks Americans face from tensions between the two nuclear superpowers, be good for American companies that do business in or with Russia, and will eliminate the related pressure points on Biden to allow him "to focus on issues that can actually be negotiated."

The report, "From Switzerland with a Message of Concern to President Biden" is available free of charge from American University in Moscow. It can be found at this address: or

Omnicom Press, New Britain, CT, has published several books and monographs on the US-Russia relationship. Its book "Ukraine in the Crosshairs" gives full background on the Ukraine issues discussed in the AUM report. It is available on Amazon.
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Hanna D. York