InTalTech Ltd. Scales Up Its Business

InTalTech Ltd. has over-performed its business ramp-up, resulting in an increase in the InTalTech professional team and its resource investments. Following the company's recent success, an investment group, Meyrablin Industries (2021) Ltd., joined the company.

Rishon LeZion, Israel, June 17, 2021 --( Meyrablin Industries (2021) Ltd. joined InTalTech Ltd. to ensure a proper company scale up, by enhancing a structured company process to pursue projects win in the industrial, medical, and defense Hi-Tech markets.

Meyrablin Industries (2021) Ltd. is a holding company that was established to invest in InTalTech.

Meyrablin Industries (2021) Ltd. is controlled by Mr. Ram Belinkov, a former Director of Budgets of the state of Israel Ministry of Finance. Mr. Belinkov has experience in both the public and the private sectors of the Israeli market.

As part of reorganization change, InTalTech has nominated Mr. Daniel Rosenne and Mr. Michael Tsur as board members.

Mr. Rosenne is very experienced in the markets in which InTalTech operates. Mr. Rosenne served as Director General of Israel’s Ministry of Communication. Before joining the Ministry of Communications, he founded and was President and CEO of Bezeq International. Mr. Rosenne was Awarded the Kaplan Prize (1975) and the Israel Defense Prize Citation (1979).

Mr. Tsur is an attorney who specializes in negotiation, crisis management, and conflict resolution. He teaches internationally as an adjunct professor and is the Founder and CEO of Shakla & Tariya, a unique multidisciplinary program for negotiation specialists.

Based on InTalTech's accumulated know-how, the growing market of "Off-the-Shelf" products provide promising market growth. "Off-the-Shelf" product segments include communication, RF and electronic modules, antennas, connectivity, RFI filters, mechanical hardware, and aerospace inserts. New board members will contribute to ta worldwide market penetration of the "Off‑the-Shelf" products.

CEO and founder Alex Vasilevsky said: "Joining Meyrablin Industries Ltd. is another milestone towards InTalTech's strategic growth. Mr. Belinkov and Mr. Rosenne have had successful experience in the management of large organizations, while Mr. Tsur brings strong experience in complex negotiations. All company board members will help the company property build up a successful organization."

About InTalTech Ltd.
The company was founded in 2005 to meet the industry's growing demand for innovative design solutions. Company uniqueness in the market is defined by the vision for offering its customers a creative solution for technical design issues. InTalTech Ltd. has the skills, experience, and creativity to illuminate an “out-of-the-box” concept. InTalTech Ltd.'s methodology is based on its extensive knowledge, diverse experience, and passion for ingenuity. InTalTech Ltd. serves the industrial, medical, and defense Hi-Tech markets, providing its services to a variety of companies and governmental institutes.

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