Think Different Lending Start Up Announcement

Delano, MN, July 13, 2021 --( Think Different Lending is excited to finally get their business up and running. Think Different is a company who can help anyone and everyone with financial needs concerning loans. Here is their story and how the company came about:

“A while back I had an experience that opened my eyes to many issues business owners and new businesses experience. I have a company that I've been running for 10 plus years that has decent cash flow. While looking into refinancing my existing debt, my bank told me my numbers weren't 'good enough,' even though the company hasn't missed a bill payment. It felt like they said my company wasn't 'worthy' of their services. After being told my ratios weren't up to their standards, I decided to look elsewhere but only seemed to run into the same problems no matter where I went. This inspired me to found Think Different Lending because entrepreneurs and individuals deserve better.” - Steve Rogers, Founder/CEO

At Think Different they understand that all individuals and business are different and those differences have specific needs. They are a true lending company who is here to help everyone, not just people with A+ credit. Think Different wants entrepreneurs and businesses to succeed and grow.

Think Different is here to help. Please contact them at 612-449-3802 or email Visit our website at
Think Different Lending
Steve Roger