Fort Myers Resident Trent Lochridge on the Journey of a Travel Blogger

As travel and tourism are collapsing, Fort Myers resident Trent James Lochridge started a blog to encourage people about tourism and traveling.

Fort Myers, FL, June 28, 2021 --( The good news is that COVID-19 cases are declining worldwide and there is a large percentage of people getting vaccinated. Trent explained there are plenty of great travel options to consider once tourism resumes.

Now travel restrictions have started to ease around the world. Every tourism and travel lover is thinking and planning of going somewhere. Some may not want to travel abroad or fly yet but there are many local and domestic options in each country that one should consider.

Trent James Lochridge, a professional traveler from Fort Myers Florida, was also missing the travel and tourism days. Trent started a blog under his name to encourage people about tourism.

Trent is usually writing about new travel ideas, some pro tips, advice, and suggestions for peoples. Trent's suggestions, for now, are mostly based on safe & secure travel options. Trent recommends places where one can have less dependency on others and can do their stuff from bedding to eating and more. At this time he seems to suggest national parks as the best places to visit. Here is why, "National Parks are the best options to try out, as they got the best nature that can calm. Travelers can stay in small towns or villages, cook their own food or eat local food, and the sightseeing spots are forests, rivers, and mountains. Travelers travel for nature and stay away from popular areas and crowds, in short. This makes it the safest option," Lochridge has written in his blog.

If Trent James Lochridge is suggesting to visit domestic locations or nature parks, it doesn't mean there is nothing written and suggested for people who want to travel the other options around. As a professional traveler, he suggests doing good research about the current situation of the place of country one is visiting. Make sure it's safe to visit, keep eye on the surroundings. Book a fresh hotel room, keeping the family posted and updated and avoid crowded locations are some of the common measures he suggests one can take.

In the blog Lochridge is covering places from around the world, so far at the start, he has written about east Asia and the local destination of Fort Myers and Cape Coral. There will be plenty of other tips and suggestions about these or other locations coming soon.
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