Steve Muehler Bail & Immigration Bonds Delayed Opening Now Scheduled for Monday, July 19th

Steve Muehler Bail & Immigration Bonds Opening, which was originally scheduled for June, is now scheduled for July 19th, 2021.

Los Angeles, CA, June 30, 2021 --( According to Steve Muehler, “With an estimated 3,200 Bail Bonds Agents already servicing the State of California, and an industry shrinking by about 2.7% annually, people would think I am crazy getting into the California Bail Bonds & Immigration Bonds Market. But let me be the first to state that we do not think or believe that a career in the bail bonds industry should be a self-supporting career for anyone, the bail bonds industry should be a ‘value added’ service for most, except those who provide recovery services for bail skips. I have a Paralegal Services division and an Insurance Division, and adding the Bail Bonds Products and Services works with the products and services offered by each of those divisions, more specifically our Paralegal Division and our Insurance’s Court Bonds Products.”

Steve Muehler continued, “I believe when you combine the public’s desire for certain measures of Bail Bonds Reform, many measures I personally support, along with the arrival of D.A. Gascon and the California Supreme Court’s Decision making it unconstitutional to hold an arrestee soley for based on their ability to pay for bail will certainly lead to a much larger shrinking of the bail bonds industry in the State of California, and maybe more rapidly in San Francisco and Los Angeles.”

Steve Muehler finished, “all these reasons above make it the right time to get into the Bail Bonds Industry. I believe the future of the Bail Bonds Professional will be as a value added service that is in addition to other products and services, not a single career, and one where only offenders of serious crimes or habitual offenders are required to post bail for release.”

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