Private Line Provides Tips on How to Protect Personal Information on Dating Apps and Websites

Sunnyvale, CA, July 02, 2021 --( The pandemic has challenged how most people date. Social distancing measures, work from home policies and other public health initiatives resulted in a shift toward online dating, making virtual dating a new normal.

This shift has increased the number of online dating users and the number of time people spends on online dating apps and websites.

However, it is risky for users to upload photos and share personal information on the Internet, which often occurs in online dating.

Cybersecurity experts at Private Line provide tips for users to protect personal information from being exposed to romance scammers.

- Get a burner number for online dating websites and apps.

Social media and dating websites always ask for personal information and encourages people to expose privacy like location. Most situations hardly see any harm in that. After all, it provides convenience for apps or websites to provide customized content to individuals.

However, there is no necessity to share real personal information with random strangers and obtain a second phone number will definitely help.

- Keep Your personal information Safe.

Online dating apps get easily attacked by hackers. Worse still, the technical giants possibly take advantage of personal information as well. Therefore, users’ true information to register an account on popular online dating service providers can be abused by cybercriminals. If it is a personal phone number that is leaked, users’ online security will be in great danger because too much personal information is linked with a personal phone number.

It is exciting to see the great technical progress that helps communicate with strangers from all over the world in a few seconds, but users still have to be faced with the risk of being tracked.

- Not to link your social media accounts with your online dating accouts.

Generally, there are two ways to register for a online dating account. The first is to use a socail media account, while the second is to use a phone number. When it comes to the second way to sign up for a online dating account, the detailed guide has been released as above. By the way, it’s not a good and secure idea to link a social media account with dating services since social media accounts contain so much information about privacy, which is similarly insecure to a private number.

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