Shufti Pro’s Updated UX of Video KYC to Boost Client Satisfaction Beyond 92%

Shufti Pro’s updated UX of Video KYC solution supports multiple documents, improves navigation screen, enables dynamic country selection, and much more.

London, United Kingdom, July 02, 2021 --( For seamless identity verification, Shufti Pro has revamped the User Experience (UX) of its Video KYC service. The UX update of Video Interview KYC aims to increase the functionality of the solution, making it more streamlined than before.

Customers can initiate a live video call with a KYC agent to get themselves verified in real-time. The updated UX adds more detail to the process flow, making the KYC procedure more convenient and understandable for the end-users and the interviewers.

During the initial registration stage, customers can now submit numerous types of ID documents, be it a government-issued ID card or a driving licence. The process has also been streamlined for the KYC agents, allowing them to switch between the previous and next screen, and choose between a selection of countries based on the user’s ID document.

“The UX of the Video KYC process has been updated, keeping in mind the customer’s journey,” stated the CTO and Co-founder of Shufti Pro, Shahid Hanif. “It has eliminated the need for customers to go through a lot of instructions since most of the tasks are now performed by the KYC agent.”

The overall efficiency of the Video KYC service has been improved with the introduction of OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology for automated ID document data extraction. Online businesses can utilize the updated UX of the Video KYC solution to automate ID verification and digital onboarding in one go.

This update builds upon Shufti Pro’s plan to provide maximum convenience to their customers. Just recently, the company was awarded the Product Leader and Happiest Customers Award for acquiring an end-user satisfaction rate of 92%. This year, the CyberTech 100 company opened a new regional office in Ukraine and was also nominated for the Nordic Startups Award Season 2021.

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