SottoPelle® Recognizes Ashley Hopson, FNP-C, for Outstanding Contributions to BHRT and Her Quality Care for Her Patients

SottoPelle® announces its "Featured Provider Series," showcasing various Providers that have made a difference to their patients, offering leading-edge Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT).

Page, AZ, July 08, 2021 --( Ashley Hopson, FNP-C, has been a SottoPelle® Trained Provider since February 2021.

Ashley Hopson, FNP-C, before becoming a nurse practitioner, worked for several years as a Registered Nurse at two Level II trauma centers in both Florida and Georgia. Ashley Hopson, FNP-C, then completed her Master’s of Science in Nursing (MSN) and became nationally certified through the American Academy of Nurse Practitioners.

Ashley Hopson, FNP-C, was introduced to bio-identical hormone replacement therapy in Florida after becoming Board Certified. After learning and researching some of the benefits, Ashley Hopson, FNP-C, was truly amazed at how much she did not know and was not introduced to while completing her education. Ashley Hopson, FNP-C, always felt like hormones were the missing pieces in so many ways, and it was truly overwhelmingly impressive to learn what optimizing hormones could do for people.

Ashley Hopson, FNP-C, recalls that when she had finished graduate education and had her second child, she remembered asking someone, "Am I supposed to be this tired with two young children now?" Ashley Hopson, FNP-C, knew that everything was "normal" according to her most recent lab work but was exhausted. Three months after becoming a BHRT provider, Ashley Hopson, FNP-C, received her first set of pellets and was amazed at the improvement in sleep. Ashley Hopson, FNP-C, always tells her patients that “everybody's body is different.” Ashley Hopson, FNP-C, truly believes that optimizing hormones using BHRT is necessary to achieve overall balance from the inside out. Understanding and implementing a wellness approach for patients is a constant reminder of why Ashley Hopson, FNP-C, got into medicine in the first place: to help people, not just people who are "sick" but also those they want to feel better when there is not a definitive illness causing their symptoms.

Ashley Hopson, FNP-C, is offering SottoPelle® Pellet Therapy. Ashley Hopson, FNP-C, new pellet therapy is just one of the services she offers, and she expects to increase in use as time goes on. The pandemic has caused many individuals' hormones to change constantly, so Ashley Hopson, FNP-C, has fully opened her services to anyone who may benefit.

Ashley Hopson, FNP-C, tells her patients that "Yes, it is hot here in Arizona, but at least there is no humidity like in Florida!" Ashley Hopson, FNP-C, and her husband have tried to introduce and show the beauty of the outdoors to their two young children. Ashley Hopson, FNP-C, said, “She is not ready to go camping yet but has plans to hike quite a few areas, including Antelope Canyon, and get out on Lake Powell as often as she can.”

"We are proud to be associated with Ashley Hopson, FNP-C, whom we have trained to understand the best practices of BHRT," states CarolAnn Tutera, CEO of SottoPelle®. "We are thrilled to have Ashley Hopson, FNP-C, as a Provider of Note who shares our vision of best practices and quality patient care."

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