LLF Financial S.A. Expands Into Secondary Market Fixed Rate Bond Trading

LLF Financial S.A. Sees Increased Revenue Following UK Expansion Into High-yield Secondary Market Bonds.

London, United Kingdom, July 15, 2021 --(PR.com)-- LLF Financial S.A. is a pioneering Luxembourg registered investment house, with its trading desk in central London. Since the global COVID-19 pandemic struck, LLF Financial S.A. has seen a 40% rise in its annual revenue, primarily from the launch of its secondary market bond trading department. "Since we opened our London trading desk, LLF has been bringing new savings and investment strategies to the UK retail sector, where low interest rates and high inflation levels are eroding investors savings," commented Mr Jonathan Clark, Spokesperson at LLF Financial S.A.

Mr. Jonathan Clarke further commented, "Investing in the bond market has for as long as I can remember been a traditional cornerstone for the average investors portfolio, and this is simply because of the stability that fixed rate bonds provide. They really are a must have asset, but primary market bonds i.e. those bought from the issuer, much like most other instruments including savings accounts and ISA's, are now only marginally beating inflation if indeed they beat it at all."

Secondary market bond trading has been LLF Financial's primary revenue generator within the UK since the London office was opened prior to the pandemic. The uptake of secondary market fixed rate bonds, has grown exponentially since that time, which has seen LLF Financial S.A. generate 40% more revenue over the past 12 months, than over the previous year. The company aims to grow the fixed rate bonds department, focusing on those secondary market bonds, which offer a higher yield.
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