Introducing ShopExpress: The Online Grocery SuperStore in Zimbabwe

ShopExpress is an online grocery supermarket that lets one shop for food and grocery Items in Zimbabwe. It delivers products directly to the customers’ homes.

Harare, Zimbabwe, July 28, 2021 --( The pandemic has ushered in the rise of online shopping all across the globe. It lets customers buy products online conveniently from the comfort and safety of their homes. Both time and effort can be saved in the process.

During this critical time, launching ShopExpress has acted as a silver lining for Zimbabweans. ShopExpress brings forth the benefit of an eCommerce marketplace to grocery shopping. It connects grocery sellers directly to customers online. Buyers can shop quality grocery products online from the comfort of their own homes.

A boon for Zimbabweans all across the world

Ordering online is easy on ShopExpress. Along with letting people living in Zimbabwe buy online groceries and essentials from local stores, it also facilitates easy sign-up and use from anywhere in the world. Zimbabwean expats living out of the country can conveniently order from their resident countries to their friends and family living in the heartland.

So, ordering for their kin who are unfamiliar with smartphones and computers or for those who might not have access to the internet or sending a thoughtful gift from the multitude of products available on the online supermarket from anywhere in the world to their loved ones in the heartland, is all possible with ShopExpress.

ShopExpress offers the following products on its platform

Fruits and Vegetables

Herbs and Seasonings

Flowers and Bouquets

Bakery Products



Coffee and Tea Bags

Snacks, Dry Fruits, Nuts


Sauces and Spreads

Breakfast Items

Fish and Seafood

Dairy, Milk and Eggs

Health and Wellness

Frozen Foods

Baby Care

Beauty and Hygiene

Kitchen and Garden

Household and cleaning

Pet food and Accessories

Newsagents and Tobacco


ShopExpress can thus cover all daily grocery needs for a household.It can be your goto grocery supermarket website.

Online Marketplace Benefiting The Local Retailers

Online selling not only benefits the customers but it also allows the sellers to scale up their business. Retailers selling online can sell directly from their warehouses or manufacturing facilities. There is no need to maintain a retail outlet.

ShopExpress further facilitates their online transition by charging no subscription fee for listing their products.

About ShopExpress:
The online grocery store can be a one-stop solution to buy all essentials. It is a multi-seller marketplace for Food and Grocery items in Zimbabwe. It lets anyone in the world sign up for free and order products in simple and intuitive steps. The buyers can pay for their orders via popular payment methods like credit and debit cards from Visa, Mastercard, American Express and more in a secure environment. The orders will be duly shipped to the selected address.

ShopExpress lets a household save precious time, and effort by ordering essentials in just a few clicks.
Tafanenyasha Chandiwana
+263 78 004 5448