Global Metal Company Introduces a Feature Rich Online Price Calculator for Hardware Buyers

In an effort to make it easy for hardware buyers to find rates for new hardware products, Global Metal Company has released a new online price calculator.

Hyde Park, NY, August 08, 2021 --( The market for hardware products such as door hardware, windows hardware, furniture fittings, cabinet hardware, rail fittings, decorative fittings and miscellaneous products has been showing consistent growth despite the recent slowdown in the global economy. In an effort to meet the increased customer expectations, hardware companies are trying to come up with innovative solutions.

Global Metal Company, a leading manufacturer and exporter of builder hardware products, has announced that as a part of strengthening its focus on providing better support to customers, the company is launching several new initiatives using IT and digital media.

The company has introduced a powerful and effective online tool to help bulk buyers to calculate prices for builder hardware products instantly. The unique online tool, which is available on the company's official website, dynamically generates instant price quotes based on the criteria set by the buyers on a real time basis. The key to its effectiveness is the algorithm which automatically calculates the product price based on various parameters chosen by the buyer, said a statement from the company.

Addressing the media, Raheel Ahmad, founder and owner of the Global Metal Company, said, "The company is committed to providing the buyers the convenience to decide their own pricing for the products."

Earlier, he had said, "Despite technological advancements, the working of the hardware industry hasn't changed much in almost 100 years, and still largely engages in annoyingly archaic practices and often customer issues pertaining to pricing have gone unresolved, until now."

"Our company is expanding and increasing its global reach, by adopting new tools for business re-modelling, where buyers and sellers are more in tune with innovation and novelty," he added.

Ahmad said, "The instant online tool available on our homepage,, is ideal for people who need to take a quick decision on pricing. It will help importers, wholesalers, retailers and key decision makers who're looking for stock replenishments, to keep track of the price trends or for developing the new designs of builder hardware. This online tool will positively impact their day-to-day operations."

"Almost all the major categories of builder hardware and related products are covered under this online tool. The various categories include door hardware, windows hardware, furniture fittings, cabinet hardware, rail fittings, decorative fittings and miscellaneous products," he added.

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