Likemetals is Now Among the Top Internationally Certified Suppliers of Manway Covers

On gaining the international certification for manway cover & pipe fittings manufacturing, Likemetals is proud to become a certified supplier in the industry.

Honolulu, HI, September 02, 2021 --( Wenzhou Likemetals Co. Ltd. manufacturers tank manway covers and other premium products such as stainless-steel tanks, valves and sanitary fittings, which are shipped worldwide while maintaining all international standards. Recently they have achieved a 3A certificate of USA and certification of FDA for their pipe fittings and for a variety of manway covers and tank gateway covers. This makes them a well-known supplier in the global industry.

In Likemetals product line, the key products and the highest-selling ones are the sanitary grade manhole cover series, sanitary grade pipe fitting series, and valves. They always emphasize grade A quality, and the process of manufacturing is done under extreme vigilance by their quality control system. Being an advanced company, they integrate scientific research during their production and provide new innovative engineered designs to many industries like food and beverages, pharmaceutical, and other related industries. The company manufactured manways are durable and work efficiently in harsh conditions also. In a recent interview with Ms. Becky, the sales manager at LikeMetals stated, “It is our corporate social responsibility to remain in compliance with quality standards and the necessary certifications in order to satisfy customers and gain a positive feedback from them, the achievement of getting the 3A certificate is a landmark for the company and makes us even stronger in the industry.”

International standard organization (9001) is currently the world’s most well-recognized quality assurance system standard. Continuous customer satisfaction and improvement in product quality and keeping the Kaizen system to continue is only possible with PHC Europe’s ISO9001 certification, which helps maintain quality throughout the production process. LikeMetals is deeply committed to satisfy the requirements of customers and get positive feedback, and for this, they integrate a set of core principles into their products that keep up the quality, and which reflects during the customer surveys as it meets all the expectations and quality standard.

Quality is not just confined to high ISO standards, but this is beyond for LikeMetals. They always focus on cutting-edge processes and production through the latest high-tech machines while maintaining an excellent organizational culture. The design criteria for equipment are maintained through the 3A sanitary standards. The processing system is developed using ANSI requirements that are only accepted by USDA, FDA, and US state regulatory authorities. These 3A certifications and others are the assurance of hygienic processing equipment and system that supports the rapid changes needed in food and beverage industries related to training and education that is needed.

LikeMetals is China's major manway covers manufacturer who meets 100% international standards in their products and is leading China manhole wholesale covers and gate manways manufacturers trading globally. Their own research and development department helps them in making new products at wholesale rates. The manways they offer are of the highest quality in terms of durability and adaptability to harsh environmental conditions; this makes them the top China manhole supplier. They take pride in serving and offering their services to many industries worldwide with a systematic shipping process and a lesser lead time. LikeMetals also provide customized products and successfully fulfills the requirements of internal traders or industries.
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