GTS Managed Services Provide New Personalized Data for Better Decision Making and Can Incorporate Batteries of All Types and Manufacturers

Organizations That Rely on Mobility Need a System to Help Manage It, GTS Managed Services Can Help

Framingham, MA, September 17, 2021 --( Global Technology Systems (GTS), a well-known designer and manufacturer of batteries and chargers for mobile devices, announced that its unique managed services programs have been proven to save its clients considerable costs that are incurred by retaining bad mobile batteries in their operations.

In addition, the data and reporting that GTS can provide is invaluable to customers making decisions on how often, how many, and where to ship battery purchases based on real data from each of the specific customer’s facilities.

“We are able to help our customers improve their operational efficiency dramatically when our Managed Services are combined with our reporting and recommendations,” said Larry Murray, CEO of GTS, “on average, more than 50% of batteries and devices are not being managed properly, so GTS can help companies drastically by managing these efforts.”

Right now, major retailers and logistics organizations around the world are saving on their labor costs, battery inventory costs, and service costs just by partnering with GTS and taking advantage of GTS managed services. Employee downtime during shifts, excess battery inventory, and inflated service costs are typically the result of keeping batteries in operation beyond their useful lifetime.

“We are able to provide recommendations based on real data such as inventory, number of devices, number of batteries, purchase time, Test & Replace data, where orders were shipped, and more,” said Larry Murray, CEO of GTS, “which helps our customers make informed and easy decisions when it comes to their mobile power.”

GTS Managed Services program details include:

Management of critical battery and charger inventories for retailers, logistics providers, distributors, manufacturers, and can incorporate batteries of all types and manufacturers into the program.

Management of inventories for municipalities such as Police, Fire, EMT, Public Works, and more. For example, new batteries go to First Responders, then in 12 months are handed down to Public Works Dept., and GTS manages the process and the inventories.

Direct on-location support to each customer facility:

- Shipping to each location
- GTS Color-Coded Tagging System on all batteries for inventory control & replacement management.
- GTS Test & Replace (T&R) technology using the proprietary GTS Tester and Smartphone APP.
- Customer re-ordering and inventory control & reporting
- Analysis and management of the charging infrastructure in customer locations.

GTS continually provides customers with the most powerful and economical batteries when new cells become available from cell manufacturers.

GTS can now provide reports to customers on inventory, budget, and battery life for each location and for entire organization. GTS has developed a proprietary interactive database program for managing these customer assets.

In addition, GTS pays per battery returned for recycling (credit against future purchases). This enables GTS to close the loop and provide real-time inventory control, and to recycle and harvest chips (IC’s) that are in critical short supply.

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