Chicagoland Locals Look to Bring Awareness to the Global Poverty Level

The Pass My Plate campaign, benefitting the American Foundation for Children with AIDS, looks to raise awareness of the global poverty line by asking participants to live on $1.90 for a week in November.

Harrisburg, PA, September 22, 2021 --( Chicagoland residents have committed to participating in the Pass My Plate campaign and spend just $1.90 each day for 5 days on food. From November 1 – November 25 leading into the Thanksgiving holiday, these residents will be joined by thousands of other people across the country and internationally who are taking the challenge to raise awareness of the extreme poverty level affecting 1 in every 10 people, globally. As a part of the Pass My Plate campaign, every single one of them will be spending just $1.90 each day on food and drink – the U.S. equivalent of the international extreme poverty line according to the World Bank.

“As we head into our holiday season, the Pass My Plate campaign is a great way for us to be more mindful and empathize with those that live in extreme poverty. COVID-19 has put even more pressure on these marginalized people and forced as many as 150 million more into extreme poverty,” said Jen Panattoni, Director of Marketing for the American Foundation for Children with AIDS that is running the campaign. AFCA started the campaign to raise awareness of the global poverty line and to fundraise for implementing sustainable programs in Sub-Saharan African communities affected by AIDS.

“I watched my friends participate in this challenge in years past, while I’ve been pregnant or nursing, knowing I wouldn’t even consider joining them at those times and risk the nutrition and health of my babies, and at the same time, feeling unbearably grateful that it was a choice for me to make. It’s unimaginable that humans exist and struggle through this hunger and malnutrition, especially pregnant women, and nursing moms,” said Jenny Soukup, who is also vowing to live on $1.90 in food per day.

If you would like to bring awareness to the extreme poverty level, take part in this unique challenge, see details on the Pass My Plate website at

The Pass My Plate campaign benefits The American Foundation for Children with AIDS and their work building sustainable livelihoods for children infected and affected by HIV/AIDS.
The American Foundation for Children with AIDS
Jennifer Panattoni