The Ultimate Sports Network is Striving to be Truly Ultimate

Las Vegas, NV, September 22, 2021 --( The Ultimate Sports Network is expanding it's roster of writers and podcaster creators to service every NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL, MLS, WNBA, EPL, NCAA, team and more. The company is conducting a global talent search to unearth previously undiscovered talented and passionate communicators.

Established in 1996, the Ultimate Sports Network has thrived as a small scale operation, depending on a small, but dedicated band of content providers. While they were able to touch a broad range of topics with programming such as "Real Boxing Talk," "Talking Tennis," "The Games," "Art of Sport" and more, it has become apparent that the company needed to expand their vision.

Utilizing the latest technology available has afforded USN the opportunity to look outside their core group of communicators.

"We had been using Zoom for quite some time, but when we tried to explain our concept to people, they were unfamiliar with what we were trying to do," said CEO Frank Gordon. "One of the good things to come out of being homebound for a year is that people now understand our concept a little better."

It has always been the plan for the Ultimate Sports Network to expand globally, but they wanted to be able to do so while being able to value their correspondents, With this search, they believe they will be able to mine some great talent and help nurture them as both sides achieve their goals.

"In less than a week we have added talented providers covering six sports leagues worldwide. Our initial idea was to attack this in three phases, with phase one being major sports leagues in the United States and Canada. (NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB, and CFL). We now see that it is possible to focus on leagues such as the WNBA and NWSL, but also expand in to Phase 2 with European Football and NCAA Division 1 coverage," stated Mr. Gordon.

No matter how large or small the Ultimate Sports Network is, they will work by a simple phrase, "Talking about sports should be fun, so have fun."
Ultimate Sports Networks Unlimited, LLC.
Frank Gordon