Artes Electronics Has Launched the NOTA Mole Tracker Affiliate Program

On September 21, Artes Electronics launched the NOTA mole tracker affiliate program.

San Diego, CA, September 23, 2021 --( The minimum commission for an affiliate sale is $32, the minimum withdrawal amount is $50. The main task is to tell people as widely as possible about the early diagnosis of cancer and that there is a convenient device - NOTA mole tracker, which will help to examine moles at home and find aggressive skin cancer - melanoma in the early stages.

The affiliate program is divided into several levels. The start starts with a 10% commission for the partner for each device sold and a promo code for a 10% discount for buyers + free delivery to anywhere in the world. Reaching a certain number of sales per month, the partner percentage increases. Maximum possible indicators: 20% for the partner and a 15% discount for buyers. The minimum withdrawal amount is $50. Anyone can join the affiliate program. You can do this here(

Briefly about the product:
NOTA mole tracker is a device of the company Artes Electronics, created to help in the home examination of moles and spots on the skin. The cardinal difference between NOTA and other methods of home diagnostics (AI-based applications, ABCDE) is the use of physical processes, rather than visual examination of a mole by photo or "by eye."

NOTA mole tracker measures the resistance(impedance) of cells under the influence of a weak electrical pulse and transmits the data to the application on the phone. In simple words, the device "looks" deep into the mole by 2 mm and then gives the result: nevus is dangerous or not. Bioimpedance technology is also used in fitness trackers to measure calorie levels or "smart scales" that analyze body composition(fat, bone and muscle tissue). The NOTA can be used to examine the nevi of the whole family, including children, the elderly and pregnant women. All measurements are stored in your personal account and are saved even when you change your phone. The device has all the necessary safety and quality certificates. The retail price is $320, but the company Artes Electronics regularly holds discounts and promotions so that high-quality home diagnostics is available to anyone.
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