Suntech Textile Machinery: 2 Points to Help Customers Win in the Non-Woven High-End Market

High-quality finished products ensure high added value; Suntech STar Nonwoven Line for sale; Broadens the field to seek new opportunities for development

Hangzhou, China, September 29, 2021 --( "The company is committed to becoming a reliable supplier of high-end product series and strives to become a leading brand in the non-woven machinery industry. Our goal is to enter the top three in the non-woven machinery field within 5 years," said Jacky, general manager, Suntech Textile Machinery Co., Ltd.

Suntech STair Spunbond Machine for sale.

When Jacky was interviewed by China Textile News, he said, "The company's annual sales revenue of non-woven fabric production lines in 2020 reached 200 million yuan (RMB). In the first quarter of this year, the company has maintained a good momentum of development, all economic indicators have reached expectations and sales revenue has increased by 24% over the same period last year."

In Jacky's view, the company is in a position to successfully achieve the results mentioned above. On one hand, the company has taken advantage of the rapid development of the economy and the rapid recovery after the epidemic in China. On the other hand, their success has originated from their insistence on high-end development philosophy, adhering to the adoption of the introduction of cutting-edge production equipment and the creation of an outstanding talent team. This has enabled the company to stand out in the non-woven machinery market, effectively established the reputation in the market, and has been fully affirmed by many top sanitary products manufacturers in the industry.

High-quality finished products have ensured high added-value

With STair Nonwoven Lines, customers are able to produce particularly lightweight nonevents: Basis weight of 8-13 grams per square meter in high quality is standard with the STair process.

Provide customers with high-end, non-woven machinery and turn-key solutions

With STair technology, the filament diameters of nonevents are smaller than one denier, resulting in nonevents that are uniquely uniform, strong and soft.

With STair production lines, customers do not have to worry about the production quality and stability, as it is the most reliable non-woven production technology on the market. With machining equipment from world, well-known brands supported, such as MAZAK machine tools, PRIMA POWER Laser equipment, MILLTURN CNC machine, etc., STair makes non-woven producing operation extremely stable and efficient.

With an energy requirement of 112 kilowatt hours per kilogram of nonevents produced, STair technology manages the conversion from raw materials to nonevents more energy-efficiently than any other technology on the market.

Broaden the fields to seek new opportunities for the strategic development

Asian women’s sanitary napkins are still a fast-growing market around the world, with a growth rate of about 20%. Manufacturers in the industry continue to innovate in surface materials, absorbent cores and product designs. Besides that, adult incontinence products are still in the market cultivation period in Asia, with great potential and the annual growth rate is greater than 15%. As the world develops, the living standards of aging residents have improved and consumer perceptions have been gradually changing. The market of adult paper incontinence products is expected to usher in a major explosion in the next 3 to 5 years. "Policy promotion is an external cause, and customer demand is an internal driving factor. We hope to be able to have at least 10 devices running around the world within a year,” Jacky said.
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