HR Bit Announces Its Official Company Launch, Helps Businesses to Grow with Its HR Outsourcing Solutions

Los Angeles, CA, October 04, 2021 --( HR Bit, a provider of HR outsourcing services for small and medium-sized businesses that helps facilitate their performances by advancing their remote team management, has introduced its entry into the market.

Having gathered the professionals with 10+ years of experience in human management in its company, HR Bit has already helped 12 teams successfully shift from office to remote work. “We know what challenges companies face when it comes to HR management because we also handled them. That’s why we decided to help businesses elevate their human capital and make it work for the success of their companies,” said HR Bit Business Development Manager Valery Malecha.

How to leverage HR outsourcing to grow your business?
Remote employees are often exposed to different challenges, like the absence of a work-life balance, decreased motivation and creativity, and the feeling of career stagnation. Employees’ wellbeing directly affects their performance, which, in its turn, affects the company’s competitiveness.

The most effective ways of addressing these issues are introducing employee retention strategies and ensuring comprehensive management practices. HR Bit helps companies to secure a stress-free and inspiring remote work environment and retain employees. It prevents business owners from spreading themselves too thin and handles a bunch of administrative tasks.

With outsourced HR, you won’t have to hire a full-time specialist, saving costs and delegating operational management.

One of the company’s customers, Oksana from Symptomatical, says that she sees improvement in performance and team communication. “Having cooperated with HR Bit for only a few months so far, I can already stop worrying about all HR-related things and concentrate on business,” she mentions.

How to understand if your company needs an HR specialist?
There’s no clear-cut answer as to when it’s the right time for a certain company to hire an HR manager. However, a few indicators can help a business owner to understand that it’s the right time to bring an outsourced HR specialist on board:

- when a company starts growing or expanding rapidly

- when a manager spends 3+ hours a day on management-related issues

- when a company experiences an increased employee turnover

- when the employees require more detailed performance reviews and feedback

- when a company needs help with handling payments and benefits

- when focus on core business tasks over HR tasks could boost the outcomes

Key features of HR Bit include:

- Recruitment

- Talent management and retention

- Strategic HR

- Performance management

- Employment / payroll management

- Process automation

HR Bit focuses on HR admin, while its clients focus on their growth.

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