Habla y Lenguaje, New Bilingual Speech Therapy App for Children

Azusa, CA, September 27, 2021 --(PR.com)-- Habla y Lenguaje is an application designed to work on all the basic speech and language skills in Spanish and English.

Habla y Lenguaje was created by Jamilet Figueroa, a Certified Speech Language Pathologist (SLP). Figueroa works in an elementary school setting with bilingual children. Like most of the SLPs who work in the school system, she felt overwhelmed when she didn’t have enough time to plan therapy sessions and when she didn’t have the appropriate materials to help her kids. This was especially true when she was working with Spanish speaking children and children with disabilities. Each school SLPs face an enormous amount of paperwork, many meetings, huge caseloads, and sometimes working in more than one location. “Like the rest of my colleagues, I am passionate about what I do, but it can be quite draining,” said Figueroa, CCC-SLP.

Another problem SLPs face is the lack of time to involve parents in the process of helping their children achieve their speech and language goals. Participating parents are crucial to the success of therapies. Parents intend to help their children; however, they do not have the resources they need to practice at home.

That’s the reason why Habla y Lenguaje App was created. A Speech and Language Therapy App designed to simplify SLPs lives and provide parents with tips to help their children to be successful. It’s a dynamic all in one tool that can be used with both general education children and children with disabilities.

“Habla y Lenguaje App is everything I dreamed of having on hand when I started in this career. Since I started using it, I find myself enjoying my work even more. I can completely focus on my sessions instead of worrying about planning and taking notes. There is no greater satisfaction than seeing my children making progress and reaching their goals,” explained Figueroa.

As children improve their communication skills, they become more self-confident, participate in school and community activities, and improve their academic performance and behavior in the classroom. All of these leads to a common goal for SLPs, parents and teachers: happier and more independent children.

It is estimated that in the United States Special Education Program more than 1 million children receive speech and language services (ASHA, 2020).

“We are proud to present an innovative app that will provide relief to the SLPs and parents of children with speech disorders,” said Jamilet Figueroa, CEO of Habla y Lenguaje.
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Jamilet Figueroa