Announces New Search Directory Concept offers a new product based searchable directory designed to focus on U.S. based businesses. Preegle claims to offer results to even the playing field for small business.

Bowling Green, KY, May 12, 2008 --( "Nearly 99% of search results returned by major search engines are worthless to the searcher," according to Don Johnson of This may be because there are just way too many results returned, the results are based in another country, or the search terms used returned scam pages designed to damage your computer or wallet. The actual reasons are unclear at this point.

Many parents will not allow their children to use search engines due to the sheer volume of pornography and proliferation of predatory sites directed to children.

Although still in it's infancy, thinks there is a better way.

In years past, search engines and directories actually reviewed web sites to determine their adherence to "Accepted Standards". The Internet was a safer place then. Nowadays, computer "spiders" crawl around the Internet and simply gobble up information on new web sites, without regard to their content, and put it on display for all the world to see. They present the results according to some magical formula nobody knows. thinks it's time to take a step backward. Preegle intends to review every website before inclusion on their site. Preegle will not accept pornographic sites and, since the company is located in the United States and wants to support U.S. companies, will not accept sites outside of North America. Nearly 85% of pornographic and scam sites, as well as those containing computer viruses, originate from European countries.

Preegle's goal is to offer a search alternative that they hope, through user support and content contribution, will offer a cleaner and more productive search experience, as well as being fair to those who contribute. Search results will be displayed in a random rotation so huge corporations cannot dominate the results and small business has a chance. intends to focus on products, as opposed to information, and doesn't claim to have everything. Just in case, they actually offer a Google search box on their site to save clients time.

In addition, they are developing a special section committed to saving visitor's money by posting current sale offerings from online and brick & mortar merchants.

If visitors don't see a feature or category they would like to see, Preegle promises to get it.

Preegle will expand the site according to the needs and desires of the internet community. That is why Preegle is looking for volunteers to help develop by suggesting useful and informative Web Sites. Visitors should look through their own Favorites Folder to see which ones they use the most and submit those web site addresses. (Be careful not to send anything that should remain private.) Clients can also submit their own web site for inclusion in Preegle.

Preegle intends to listen and communicate with users, not through auto-responders or form letters, Live. Inquiries will receive a human response to suggestions and comments.

Those who wish to submit web sites for inclusion on Preegle can send them to: and will receive a confirmation email in return.

Visitors who would like to make a comment or suggestion can send them to:

Don Johnson