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According to PEW Research, 55% of Americans pray every day. tracks the outcomes of prayer requests and displays this information via interactive graphs for the end-user.

Irvine, CA, October 07, 2021 --( is pioneering a social style platform to offer up prayer requests, track answered prayers, and learn about healing through statistical analysis of prayer data. The app is intended for use with churches & spiritual centers, healing institutions, and anyone interested in scientific data derived from the act of prayer, meditation and similar "woowoo" activities.

"If we pray better, the world instantly becomes a better place to live, as a by-product," says Ryan - creator. "Think about it. If we scientifically knew for certain that there was a correlation between prayer and healing... and we also knew the 'prayer recipe' for this healing, the ramifications would be mind boggling and the world would change overnight."

Scientific studies demonstrate remote mental and "extra-mental" abilities to be a real phenomenon, replicated in university and governmental lab settings. Likewise, is analyzing remote and "extra-mental" prayer data and bringing the information to the public, in an easy-to-understand way.

Since prayer requests may contain topics of a delicate nature, there is no need for users to provide personally identifiable information. Users can post prayer requests anonymously by using non-unique usernames, as long as they abide by the unusual terms of service, which include:

1. Abiding by the Golden Rule
2. A "No Proselytization" Clause
3. Something about Alien Space Lords

The beta version of That Prayer App is now available Online at and the Google Play Store. Prayer journals, prayer statistics and a Healing Research Library is available and designed to help the end user learn to pray better. The app is free for anyone to use.

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