Making a Difference: allbranded’s #GreenTeam Donates to Local Charity Organisation

London, United Kingdom, October 13, 2021 --( Allbranded has celebrated its 10-year anniversary and wants to make a real difference.

It’s well known that a company’s growth is not just financial, its ecological impact as well as employee satisfaction count as growth too. So, allbranded wants to grow in all these areas.

With the company celebrating a decade of progress, they believe it’s high time to make a meaningful contribution to society. Henceforth, they have been decided to focus on the ecological impact at a local and global level.

This is how the #GreenTeam project was born, the company encourages its employees to adopt environmentally friendly habits and urges them to be environmentally conscious. The team meets regularly to brainstorm and collectively discuss new ideas for the office and ultimately for a better future. Charity donations, clothing donations or participation in the “Friday for Future” movement are just a few of the ideas that they came up with during the weekly meetings.

“I became an active member of the #GreenTeam because I wanted to make a difference at work as well as in my private life. When the #GreenTeam initiative formed in our company, I immediately wanted to be a part of it," says Christophe Guérinet, a full-time member of the allbranded French team.

Thus, everyone combed through their drawers and wardrobes, packed old clothes and donated everything they could to the German Red Cross. From the CEO to the newest employee, each and every one wanted to take part in the mission of helping the less fortunate.

Why the German Red Cross?

With nearly 500,000 volunteers across Germany and 100 years of existence, the German Red Cross benefits from an excellent reputation. Just like allbranded, the German Red Cross considers environmental care as one of its pivotal values.

Yet, not all clothing can be reused, and most of the time their destruction is rather expensive, which is why the association works with a textile recycling company. This company takes part of the donations, including broken textiles, and saves the Red Cross from paying expensive disposal costs, which can now be used for charitable purposes.

Allbranded thinks this is an admirable cause.

The #GreenTeam will start putting into practice bigger and bigger campaigns and hopes to motivate many other companies and partners to make a difference.
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