Swiss Start-Up HealthyCheck Transforms the Way People Monitor Their Health Directly from Home

Zug, Switzerland, October 20, 2021 --( HealthyCheck today announces the launch of its new platform to transform the way people monitor their health. HealthyCheck is a start-up that focuses on providing many laboratory tests to the user directly from home.

Users enjoy an easy and convenient way to test their health and monitor long term progress.

With HealthyCheck, users can check a lot of their health parameters such as Vitamins, Cholesterol, Minerals, and others via a home sample self-collection kit. Furthermore, Users also receive clear cut and actionable recommendations via the Health Plan to work on improving their results.

Only see a doctor when you need one, with the Online Platform HealthyCheck provides you can now easily monitor and improve your health directly from your sofa.

“We want to make it easier for people to track their health and monitor progress, the importance of having control over one’s health is becoming more and more relevant. With HealthyCheck we aim to provide consumers an easy and convenient way to learn more about their health in addition to tracking and improving it.” - CEO HealthyCheck, Ilja Isakow

In the last decade consumers have become increasingly aware of what they are eating, and the effect diet and lifestyle has on one’s health. Many recent studies show a large increase in vegetarians and vegans in the world. Subsequently it is of critical importance to understand that each person is unique and there is no “one fits all” model in health. That is why HealthyCheck provides people with a clear insight into their bodies.

“Occidental cultures are usually less focused on the prevention than the cure, leaving decisions for their health as a reaction rather than having a proactive behaviour. We therefore created Healthycheck to provide a service that allows you to test and monitor your health on a regular basis directly from your home, taking a more proactive approach.” - COO HealthyCheck, Nicolas Pommier

About us:

HealthyCheck provides you with quick and easy lab testing directly from home via the use of a of simple finger prick blood sample. Once the sample is collected, it is placed in a sterile package provided by HealthyCheck and sent back to the laboratory for analysis. Accurate results are available within 48 Hours.

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