Group Two Partners with Blue Tangerine Solutions

Melbourne, FL, May 11, 2008 --( Group Two, a real estate marketing and advertising agency in Philadelphia and Delray Beach, will be featuring long-time Web site developer Blue Tangerine Solutions as its internet and Web site partner.

“Group Two has always believed that a Web site is not just a technical solution, but also a marketing tool,” said Group Two president, Richard Elkman. “It makes sense to integrate the talents of Blue Tangerine Solutions and Group Two so that it is one seamless process.”

“Group Two is a proven, recognized leader in the homebuilding industry and we are delighted at the opportunity to couple their leadership and industry expertise with our Web site strategy and development,” said Marie O’Brien, VP of Homebuilder Services for Blue Tangerine Solutions. “Together with Group Two and their positioning, branding and marketing strategy services, we now have a full-service offering that is unsurpassed in the industry. Our clients will truly benefit from this partnership.”

With Web sites increasingly becoming the core of all marketing, builders are implementing Web sites as part of the overall positioning strategy rather than developing them from a purely technological point of view.

Developing a positioning strategy is the crucial step for all Group Two clients. They are asked to consider: What do consumers already know about their homes or their company? What is their reality vs. their consumers’ perception? What position do they want to occupy? How do they compare to their competition? Based on the answers to these questions, Group Two helps their clients create a unique position that becomes the platform for everything that follows.

After a positioning strategy emerges, Group Two addresses creative direction and technical aspects like Web sites. Blue Tangerine Solutions is well-known in the industry for their Web tool development that is specifically geared to help homebuilders improve communication and increase leads. This is where the unique relationship between Blue Tangerine and Group Two is essential. A client’s internet strategy and Web site development are vital components of their positioning, since the Web site is usually the first tangible representation of a company that people encounter. And, thanks to the new affiliation between Blue Tangerine and Group Two, homebuilders will be even better positioned to attain success.

Offered Marie O'Brien, “When we couple our internet strategy and Web site development expertise with Group Two’s housing industry knowledge and experience, our clients are really the winners.” “We’ll definitely be able to offer more cost effective options, and be able to deliver them within a better time frame,” enthused Richard Elkman. “We will be able to offer the best of technology and the best of design along with expert and unique marketing – all in one shot.”

Group Two was founded in 1970 by Richard Elkman, and is located in Philadelphia and Delray Beach, Florida. Recognized as one of the leading residential housing marketing and advertising agencies in the country, they have represented builders and developers in every region of the country and Canada.

Blue Tangerine Solutions, Inc. was founded in 1995. They specialize in Internet Business Development and Small Business Office Networking. Their services include professionally designed Web sites, enhanced sales and marketing tools, Web site managed hosting services, and network design and implementation.

For more information on Blue Tangerine Solutions, contact Marie O'Brien, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, at 321-309-6900 x 305 or via email to or visit us online at

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Madeleine Bouldin