New Media Broadcasting Company Inc. Unveils MashCast™ at the Seoul Digital Forum 2008

MashCast, to debut as the world’s first mash communications network, combines edge-to-edge content creation, collaboration, distribution and commerce services for multi-industry businesses, artists and advertisers.

Glendale, CA, May 11, 2008 --( New Media Broadcasting Company Inc. (NewMBC) on May 8, 2008 at the 2008 Seoul Digital Forum (SDF) unveiled its ground-breaking and category-defining MashCast™, the world’s first mash communications network. Scott Page, CEO and Co-Founder of the Glendale, CA-based multimedia communications company, demonstrated MashCast’s breakthrough capabilities at an exclusive first-look press conference. “We are thrilled to introduce MashCast at the Seoul Digital Forum, renowned for its global convergence of visionary technology and thought leaders,” said Page, an 18-year pioneering executive in new media technologies and the former saxophonist and guitarist for such internationally-acclaimed bands as Pink Floyd, Supertramp and TOTO.

Invited to SDF as the technology visionary to moderate its panel on User Interface Innovations, Mr. Page commented, “It’s one of the most exciting times in history to be creating new ways to connect audiences, businesses, advertisers and content creators with each other. Through MashCast, NewMBC is creating a whole new communications category where content creation is transformed into content participation. Whether direct-to-consumer or business-to-business, MashCast provides an unprecedented, customizable infrastructure for edge-to-edge communications, content creation, collaboration, and commerce.” Emphasizing MashCast’s core services for content owners and creators, multi-industry businesses and advertisers, Mr. Page demonstrated the unique two-way experience and process that empowers ease-of-use, creativity, mobility and profit-driven communications. “We see a new kind of media producer who wants customized, anywhere and anytime access to targeted audiences, in a mutually-engaging connection. If you’re an artist, or a business owner, you want to control how you present and merchandise your content and brands. MashCast provides the complete creative tool set and distribution service structure for this new social media commerce model. We call it the MashCast Marketplace.”

While demonstrating select creative and commercial highlights of the MashCast offering in a real-time interaction with the company’s corporate office, Mr. Page provided a brief overview and stated that NewMBC would be making further announcements regarding MashCast’s release and premier customer engagements in the summer. Showcasing the “cameo appearance” by Terry Jones of the internationally-lauded and celebrated superstar comedy troupe Monty Python during the live demo, Page elaborated, “We are very proud to be working with our flagship partner, Monty Python. They are the world’s innovators of the multi-platform comedy art form, and continue to lead the entertainment space as performers, actors, directors and writers. We’ve enjoyed a very long and fruitful relationship with Monty Python, and are honored that they have chosen NewMBC and MashCast to partner with them as they embrace and create new media opportunities.”

Added Russ Lujan, NewMBC’s President and Co-Founder, in Glendale, CA, “We believe that MashCast is the beginning of a mass revolution for personalized media creation, one that will have a huge impact on how the creative community, and all businesses and industries, engage their audiences for communications and commerce. Just imagine how this unique user experience will spur the development of an unlimited number of media content creation communities for consumers and businesses. MashCast will establish millions of personalized networks and/or channels and will become the world’s largest and leading online and offline distributed multimedia universe.”

About New Media Broadcasting Company Inc. (NewMBC)

New Media Broadcasting Company Inc. (NewMBC) is the breakthrough multimedia communications leader providing a complete spectrum of distribution and interactive services for content creators and consumers, advertisers, and all businesses and industries. Pushing beyond the limitations of current social portals, NewMBC’s revolutionary mash communications network, MashCast™, connects diverse audiences, artists, content owners and brands within a premier, collaborative and services-united platform. Converging marketplace and creation space, MashCast disrupts the barriers between creativity and community and unleashes the powers of transactional media. Internet broadcasting and social networking are fully integrated, monetized and innovated through NewMBC’s unprecedented, customizable infrastructure for edge-to-edge communications, content creation and collaboration. Imagination has a new destination™.

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