QuickScan - Document Scanning App Goes Multi-Linguistic & is Now Available in Various Languages

San Francisco, CA, November 15, 2021 --(PR.com)-- Technostacks is out with a slick update for its QuickScan-Document Scanner App for Iphone, Android and iPad Users. With the new release, QuickScan – PDF scanner app can cater to wider audience.

QuickScan - Mobile Scanner App is an On-the-Go Document Scanner tool that effortlessly allows its users to scan documents and easily save them right in PDF & JPEG format. The users can edit the image as per their needs using this Mobile scanner app and even scan numerous documents converting them right into one single PDF.

Introduction of the New Multi-linguistic feature by QuickScan

QuickScan takes the Mobile Scanning Apps to the next level with its new update of going multi-linguistic. The app has gone multilinguistic and is now available in various languages.

The app used to support and back only English Languages earlier. However, it reinforces and backs multiple languages now with the inclusion of Hindi, German, and French languages.

This precise multi-linguistic PDF scanning app reduces communication barrier and enables automated scanning and sharing of notes, books, whiteboards, business cards, IDs, bills, invoices and facilitates receipt scanner App.

This new feature of the App enhances the simplicity and varied user experience. Everyone from kids to elderly can now use this app. Now not knowing English is no more a barrier to scan, save and share a document.
The App also supports multi-lingual OCR feature. This text recognition feature can detect mentioned variety of languages within a single scanned document which means one can create searchable PDFs from a scanned PDF or scanned image with more than one language in it. This is a premium feature of the app and is subscription based.

This feature available in Hindi, French and German and can be of great use for kids, teachers to scan, save, share assignments as well as for remote workers which communicate with colleagues all over the world. The app allows document scanning right from iPhone, detects Text from IDs, business card, document scans and convert it straight into an editable word file. The app also facilitates putting the signatures by both parties on a contract.
QuickScan App is pre-equipped with various Features & Functionalities that include automated document detection. Multiple pages can be scanned to single PDF for easy review, Save scan in PDF format, facilitates storage in cloud and various other share options.

So, the QuickScan app by Technostacks Infotech Private Limited takes its Mobile Scanning App to the next level with its new update of multi-linguistic features, its easy UI/UX,basic and advanced functionalities.
Technostacks Infotech Pvt. Ltd.
Hansal Shah