SottoPelle® Recognizes David DiMarco, M.D., for Outstanding Contributions to BHRT and His Quality Care for His Patients

SottoPelle® announces its "Featured Provider Series," showcasing various Providers that have made a difference to their patients, offering leading-edge Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT).

Ellicottville, NY, November 12, 2021 --( David DiMarco, M.D., has been a SottoPelle® Trained Provider since March 2021.

David DiMarco, M.D., started his professional career as an engineer after graduating from S.U.N.Y. in Buffalo, NY, with a B.S. in Engineering in 1972. David DiMarco, M.D., later took a different career path and graduated from Albany Medical College with an M.D. in 1979. After seven years of residency and fellowship, David DiMarco, M.D., became a Board Certified Cardiovascular/Thoracic Surgeon. After thirty-five years of solo CVT surgery practice, David DiMarco's M.D. practice evolved into a very large Vein Surgery practice to which he recently added Aesthetics, Body Sculpting, and SottoPelle® Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT).

David DiMarco, M.D., being both an Engineer and a Cardiac Surgeon, allowed him to observe that they have two requirements in common: precision and problem-solving capabilities. David DiMarco, M.D., stated, "This is why I chose to become a Sottopelle® Provider. The Dossagio patented dosing calculator precisely calculates the patient's BHRT dose not only using the patient's laboratory and medical history, but the algorithm also factors in specific patient problems and complaints. This precision and problem-solving capability lead to much better results and consistently happier patients. Additionally, each patient reacts a little differently to BHRT, which is why I also frequently monitor, adjust, and modify the treatment if necessary. It is also a well-accepted fact that pellets give a much more even levels than all other forms of hormone replacement therapy, with obvious advantages over their irregular peaks and valleys."

David DiMarco, M.D., believes that many aesthetic and body sculpting patients are interested in anti-aging and self-image, particularly body image, and another reason he became interested in BHRT. David Dimarco, M.D., stated, "We all know that muscle building and fat reduction are both negatively affected by hormone imbalances. We encourage all our body sculpting patients to consider BHRT or at least check baseline lab values. There is a synergistic effect between BHRT and fat reduction/muscle building, making for a much more dramatic effect and truly remarkable results. The patient is treated from the inside out, creating a patient who feels better and looks better. Because hormones affect every cell in the body to some extent, we treat the entire human being. I prefer to think of my treatment not as bioidentical hormone therapy but as bioidentical human therapy."

David DiMarco, M.D., has five offices in Western New York and N.W. Pennsylvania. Although consultations can be done in any office (and remotely), pellets insertions are only offered in the Ellicottville, NY and Hamburg/Blasdell (Buffalo area) offices.

"We are proud to be associated with Dr. David DiMarco, M.D., whom we have trained to understand the best practices of BHRT," states CarolAnn Tutera, C.E.O. of SottoPelle®. "We are thrilled to have David DiMarco, M.D., as a Provider of Note who shares our vision of best practices and quality patient care."

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David Dimarco, M.D., PC, FACC, FCCP
6120 Route 219 South, Ellicottville, New York 14731
4154 McKinley Parkway, Buffalo, New York 14219
(814) 688-1626

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