Children's Airway First Foundation Working with The Foundation for Airway Health

Taking on the challenge of children's airway health prevention and education is a massive undertaking. To strengthen the impact, Children's Airway First has engaged with another advocate for children's airway health, The Foundation for Airway Health.

Austin, TX, November 13, 2021 --( Children's Airway First Foundation (CAFF) is proud to announce that a joint working effort with The Foundation for Airway Health to help the more than 400-million children around the world currently experiencing some sort of preventable or treatable airway disorder.

How does this collaboration make sense? Well, in 2017, the American Dental Association (ADA) acknowledged the connection between dental health and sleep-related breathing disorders (SRBD). Additionally, the ADA outlined the role pediatric dentists play in treating SRBD as over 90% of children with crooked teeth or malocclusion have compromised breathing. Thus, pediatric dentists and hygienists are on the frontline of being able to identify a child with potential airway issues - potentially preventing life-long health problems.

It is this holistic approach to pediatric medicine (dentists, hygienists, speech therapists, nurses, and pediatricians working together) that fosters the connection that brings these unique organizations together. Together the foundations will be creating a stronger understanding of children's airway health, developing education for pediatric medical professionals, and are driving the mission for eradicating childhood airway and sleep disorders.
By pooling both company's combined resources, expertise, and knowledge, an opportunity to create stronger campaigns and educational efforts has been created. This coordinated effort will impact a long-term, positive change in children's health...ending the silent epidemic currently affecting 400-million children globally.

The Mission of the Foundation for Airway Health is to help the public realize maximum potential by championing the recognition, diagnosis and treatment of airway related disorders through collaboration, awareness, research, and education.

Who is the Children's Airway First Foundation?

The Children's Airway First Foundation is dedicated to supporting professional research, education, training, and breakthrough diagnostic tools for screening, evaluating, and treating children with airway disorders before the age of six to prevent systemic damage to their brains and bodies.

Founded in 2021, CAFF is a 501(c)(3) organization located in Austin, Texas. A 501(c)(3) Organization | IRS EIN 86-2254672
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