Axiata Digital Labs Launches New Digital Transformation Product Suite, Axonect

Colombo, Sri Lanka, November 14, 2021 --( Axiata Digital Labs, one of Asia’s fastest growing and most innovative digital transformation enablers, announces the launch of its new product suite, Axonect.

Axonect offers a suite of enterprise products that seamlessly connect northbound and southbound systems and enables enterprises to be agile digital service providers while changing the footprint of the enterprise to meet evolving business needs. Axonect is built on open source technology and uses a microservices architecture that allows enterprises to implement it quickly and easily at minimal cost and gives them the flexibility and agility they need to meet the demands of today’s consumers.

The Axonect Product Suite launches with eight customizable products designed to fast track digital transformation and allow enterprises to capitalize on new market opportunities. The Axonect Product Suite includes the API Manager, API Monetizer, Enterprise API Aggregator, Developer Portal, Enterprise Marketplace, Adaptors, Multi-Cloud Orchestrator and Enterprise Enabler. Axiata Digital Labs expects to onboard their other products, platforms, and services into the Axonect product suite over the course of 2021 and 2022.

“Axonect is an excellent brand for exposing ADL's unique and transformative range of products and platform solutions to global customers, allowing them to expedite their digital transformation journey at the lowest possible cost," Thushera Kawdawatta, CEO of Axiata Digital Labs, stated. "Its brand portfolio is unique, promising to stay up with constantly changing markets and the landscape of digital solutions providers, enabling new customers to rapidly convert established legacy systems and capitalize on growing markets. Axonect has bundled our core capabilities, proven-and-true solutions, and decades of experience to help companies meet their evolving business needs.”

“In order to keep up with an ever-evolving digital landscape, businesses must embrace the latest in emerging technology,” said Namal Jayathilake, Vice President – Engineering, Emerging Technology at Axiata Digital Labs. “With Axonect, we can now unify our main product and service offerings under a single brand identity and present ourselves as a significant digital transformation enabler. The innovative product suite was engineered with modularity, interoperability, customizability, and keeping ease of use in mind. Axonect makes digital transformation affordable for all businesses, regardless of size, location, or budget.”

About Axiata Digital Labs
Founded in 2019, Axiata Digital Labs is an innovative software service provider offering telco focused digital and IT services and solutions that enable individuals, enterprises, and society. With over 1000 professionals spread across three countries, ADL helps global customers in the space of telecommunications, digital services & financial services.

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