PingTag Launches New Lost-and-Found QR Stickers

New stickers offer the ability to recover lost items while keeping the owner's identity and contact information private.

Los Angeles, CA, November 17, 2021 --( PingTag LLC, creator of private and anonymous communication QR codes, announced today a new line of asset management and recovery QR stickers for creative professionals (filmmakers, YouTubers, sound engineers, photographers), sports enthusiasts, travelers, students, and parents. The QR stickers are used to tag professional equipment, smartphones, tablets, laptops, headphones, cameras, travel gear and sports gear to allow easy and anonymous recovery of any lost item.

Each sticker comes with a unique dynamic QR code which, when attached to an item and activated, allows anyone who finds that item to contact the owner by scanning the QR code on the sticker.

The QR stickers are 1.25” in diameter, they are made in the U.S.A. from durable waterproof vinyl and they come in 7 different colors: red, green, blue, pink, purple, white and black.

A lifetime membership of PingTag Lite plan is included with each sticker at no additional cost, which allows users to attach their contact information to their valuable items and update that information anytime.

Users can also upgrade to PingTag Premium membership, which adds privacy and identity protection to all the tags in their accounts, allowing others to contact them when they lose a valuable item without sharing their contact information to anyone. They receive SMS+email alerts, and they reply directly via SMS, without revealing their phone numbers to the sender.

“We think those stickers will provide both a functional and beautiful way for people to tag the items they care about and take with them on the road,” says Amir Khella, CEO at PingTag. “We know how inconvenient it is to lose a professional equipment or a piece of personal electronics, and we want people to enjoy peace of mind knowing that if they do, someone will return it to them. Additionally, the identity protection and privacy benefit is highly appealing to our target audience, as phone scams and identity theft cases are on the rise.”

Features and benefits of PingTag QR stickers include:

The ability to update the owner’s contact information any time
The ability to assign multiple contacts to the same tag/item
The ability to hide the owner’s contact information while receiving email and text alerts anywhere in the world, without paying international SMS charges
The ability to reply directly via SMS without revealing the owner’s phone number.

PingTag color QR Stickers are available today via PingTag’s online store at They are also available on Amazon and Etsy.

About PingTag LLC:

PingTag’s provides a private and anonymous way for people to tag their professional equipment and valuable items using QR tags, so that others can contact them if an item is lost and return it to them . The patent-pending technology forwards messages and replies between the finder of an item and its owner, without revealing their contact information to each other. PingTag QR codes are currently being used in over 80 countries around the world to tag cars, homes, luggage, keys, professional equipment and personal electronics.
Amir Khella