Myanmar Relief Options

Getting relief through to the victims of Nargis Cyclone.

Austin, TX, May 13, 2008 --( As part of its Global Citizenship endeavor, the U.S. Asian Chamber of Commerce is sponsoring a small little known charitable organization to help provide options to the relief efforts for the victims of Cylcone Nargis in Myanmar. After agonizing over the frustration by U.S. Government and U.N. agencies in the aid effort, USACC has discovered the Foundation for the People of Burma. Founded in 1999, FPB has been sending aid there in terms of supplies and medical services. It has a cadre of volunteers working at the border of Burma and Thailand, and in Karen and Shan States inside Myanmar.

The Government of Myanmar has said they want money and supplies, but not people from the outside world. And to ensure that supplies get through to the people, FPB has the organization to satisfy both prescriptions. It has volunteers who are Burmese from the Northern part who are now moving down to the affected area in the South with supplies funneled through the Thai border.

USACC is pleased to share this discovery and would urge concerned donors, big and small, to help in the relief efforts by going to the FPB website to make donations:

“Outside world, especially the U.S., is suspect to the Burmese Government. Traditional organizations are thus handicapped right now, but the collaborative structure of FPB between foreign and the Burmese is the immediate solution,” said David Chan, Chairman of USACC, who is a native of Myanmar.

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