Suntech's ST Series Weaving Machines Solve Problems in the Loom Industry

In early 2021, Suntech launched ST series weaving machines. This marks Suntech's entry into the loom industry. Suntech has been deeply involved in textile finishing equipment for a long time. This expansion to looms also stems from the innovation of textile machinery equipment and the accumulation of customers over the years. Textile finishing equipment and looms are inherently closely linked, so Suntech's decision is even handier.

Hangzhou, China, November 26, 2021 --( In early 2021, Suntech launched ST series weaving machines. This marks Suntech's entry into the loom industry. Suntech has cultivated textile finishing equipment for a long time. The groundbreaking loom also originated from Suntech's internal innovation technology and customers accumulated over the years. The internal connection between textile finishing equipment and looms makes Suntech's entry into the loom industry even more handy. ST series rapier looms and jacquard looms will be the beginning of Suntech letting the world understand China's intelligent manufacturing.

The looms on the market generally have the following problems:
1. The loom does not match the grade of the product. In order to produce low-value-added mid-range or even low-end fabrics, some companies have introduced multiple high-end rapiers looms, which did not perform the functions of high-end looms. The main reason is that imported equipment does not support production capacity.
2. There is no high-end, high-quality yarn. For example, in the silk industry, the silk fabrics produced by developed countries are higher than 3A grade silk, while most developing countries use 2A grade silk to produce similar products because the weft insertion rate is an only 1/2-1/design grade higher than 3A grade. 3A. grade. 3. Production efficiency and product quality are very different from similar looms in developed countries. At the same time, due to the lack of new chemical fiber raw materials and poor quality indicators, defective products are prone to appear in the weaving, dyeing, and finishing links, which also restricts the design and development of products.
3. Lack of product development centers. Many factories mainly deal with incoming materials and samples, and there is no department dedicated to developing textiles. Therefore, their product development capabilities are poor and they can only undertake lower-level businesses. The textile benefit is not good and the market prospect is not good.
4. Low production efficiency. Workers in many small factories have low skills and low standard wages. Advanced companies generally have more than 16 booths per person, and most small companies have about 4 booths. It is not uncommon to see two cars alone. The management level is low, and the machine cannot maintain its best condition. The management of advanced equipment still adopts the traditional management method of shuttle looms, which cannot give full play to the role of high-end looms.

Aiming at the pain points of the textile industry, Suntech has launched ST series looms with 50 years of design experience and technical precipitation, which has the following advantages:
1. High speed and high efficiency: The maximum speed can reach 800 rpm, and the stable speed can reach 550~660 rpm. Intelligent technology improves the efficiency and speed of weaving, improves the rigidity of the weft knitting and warping mechanism, and increases the force of the weft pressing mechanism. Even if the operators are skilled and the management level is limited, the equipment can still complete the most difficult tasks and solve major problems. The problem of low production efficiency in some enterprises.
2. Stable performance: The equipment is driven by a Spanish imported motor, heavy special steel, solid beam, and base. The high quality guarantees the stability of the rapier frame and the rapier belt under high-speed operation, and its wear resistance and service life are 5 times that of traditional aluminum alloy guide rails. The instantaneous torque of the motor reaches 3000 Nm so that the speed ratio speed can be reached immediately after the loom is started, and the motor can run for a long time without being affected by heat.
3. Power saving: Compared with traditional looms, this loom can save 15%-20% of power consumption.
4. Technical support: Suntech, as an old-brand mechanical intelligent manufacturing company, has a strong technical background and can provide loom technical support and after-sales service to ensure the normal installation and operation of the equipment, save customers' installation and commissioning time, and ensure that the equipment matches the product. Let production run normally.

The equipment has a wide range of uses, suitable for the weaving of suitable textiles such as cotton, wool, silk, chemical fiber, and the production of special industrial fibers such as glass fiber, metal fiber, and Wu fiber. Applicable to all kinds of textile enterprises.
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