TasteTV Announces Best Snacks with 2021 Healthy Gourmet Snack Awards

San Francisco, CA, November 19, 2021 --(PR.com)-- If you are looking for some of the best healthy snacks to taste, then you are in luck.

TasteTV and the Tasty Awards Committee are pleased to announce the results of this year‘s awards competition for the best healthy snacks. Submitted brands from around the world were carefully reviewed by the Academy of Media Tastemakers, and according to the judges there were several truly delicious stand outs.

This year some of the best snacks came from vegan nachos, gourmet popcorn, lo-cal cookies, fancy crackers and tasty granola.

Some of the judges’ top picks were:

- Good to Go Chocolate Grain-Free Granola
- LOVE CORN Sea Salt
- Three Dads Superfood Popcorn
- Alskinny Bros Health Foods Grain-Free Coconut Granola
- 88 Acres Cinnamon & Oats Seed’nola
- Mary’s Gone Crackers Tomato + Basil
- Wai Lana Rice Chips : Sour Cream & Chives (Vegan)
- Clio Strawberry Greek Yogurt Bar
- Homefree “Treats You Can Trust” Lemon Burst Cookies
- Airly Foods Oat Clouds Snack Crackers with Cheddar

Says one judge, "I think I favor the Granola for a variety of reasons. The Alskinny Maple Cinnamon was delightful combination of ingredients and when I added milk to it it was a super snack. The 88 Acres Cinnamon was delightful combination of ingredients and when I added milk to it it was a super snack. The Love Corn salty corn nuts reminded me of those I ate as a kid. I am not usually found of fluffy puffy lightweight chips, but the Wai Lana Rice Chips were easy to eat. I think a soft brie, triple cream cheese would go well with the Mary’s Gone Tomato and Basil. By themselves they are quite good, but the cheese would elevate the entire taste experience."

Said another, “Home Free Cookies – appreciated how the flavor really came through, especially in the Lemon Burst, while still keeping the cookie light."

In addition to Top Healthy Snack Awards, there were also Gold, Silver and Bronze awards given for specific categories such as Best Flavor, Most Unique, Best Texture, and even Best for Snacking at Work, Best for Snacking at Home, Best for Sharing with Friends and Family. In addition, many entries were given a Star rating that ranged from 4 Stars down to 1 Star (1 and 2 Star ratings not displayed)

In addition, the "Best snacks" award winners from this competition are given the title, "Official Healthy Snack Partner of the Taste Awards."

For more information or to see the list, go to www.HealthySnackAwards.com
Kevin Reed