Brain Bristle - Looking at Autism in a New Light

Autism is a spectrum, the deeper we delve into it, the sooner we will explore, understand, and find the potential that sits within this spectrum, rather than define our kids with a label and take away from their unique minds.

Brain Bristle - Looking at Autism in a New Light
New York, NY, November 24, 2021 --( According to Autism Speaks, marked deficits in verbal and nonverbal social communication skills; social impairments apparent even with support in place; limited initiation of social interactions; and reduced or abnormal responses to social overtures from others is labeled "autism." Devangana, the CEO and Founder of Brain Bristle, is rethinking what it means to be on the spectrum of autism and how labels should only be given by oneself to oneself, rather than let the authority of a label sit in someone else’s hands. She believes practitioners, teachers, therapists need to be very careful while diagnosing children any disability/ label because it can become their lifelong identity, breaking out of which can become extremely hard. This keeps children either oppressed by their label or rebelling against it, instead of finding their way through it peacefully, at their own pace, time, style, flow, and tact. Brain Bristle works on gently facilitating the journey of our labeled children rather than caging them in compartments, checklists, or stereotypical rulebooks or guides.

Devangana has spent the last 14 years across the world understanding and studying different styles of working with kids with autism and hopes to bring this insight, this deep work of her life, in an independent, liberal way to a small, diverse group of kids in India, then sharing her learnings globally with educators and institutions alike. Her company runs out of Bombay, India, but she hopes to build voice and advocacy for her work and voice worldwide.
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