- New Website Launch is a website about discovering new products and videos. Read more about all their features and what makes it unique and special.

New York, NY, November 24, 2021 --( LinkU, LLC is happy to announce the launch of their website

Their mission is to:
• Combine the resources of Amazon, Wikipedia and Youtube.
• Offer you valuable resources through their listings & site features.
• Help you find your products through detail categories and menus.
• Share with you all the current trending Products and Videos.
• Keep you up-to-date with the latest Movies, Music, Videos Games and more.
• Produce features to help you discover something new and cool.
• Show you exciting products from around the world.
• Provide you with a wonderful Shopping Experience by keeping things Simple and Organized.

The website was created to provide consumers a simple way of discovering new Products & Videos.

These-days E-commerce websites have become way too overwhelming for consumers. You can find product images & ads place everywhere, and all following the very same pattern and layout design. LinkU,com hope to remedy this by creating something more easy, organize, and user-friendly. One of the most prominent feature of the website is called "Product Preview" which they implement into their Menu UI, Search UI and Listings UI. This feature allows quick viewing of products by just hovering over arrows next to the product name, which is a big time-saver. Instead of jumping through pages and pages of products, a shopper can literally find all the products they need without ever leaving the Home Page. This is most welcome news for consumers who are currently struggling to find the perfect gift(s) for their friends and love ones during the Christmas Holiday season.

Can you imagine what the resource power of Amazon + Wikipedia + Youtube can do if they were join together? Well its something amazing, and its capable of allowing users to discover many wonderful things. If your a shopper, there are a variety of cool and unique products for you to explore. Relive old nostalgic memories by visiting the "TV listings" and picking up old memorabilia. Perhaps, a Micheal Jackson jacket, some Married with Children t-shirts or just some Star Wars posters, the possibility is endless. If your not a shopper, you can sit back and enjoy some Youtube videos instead. There are Recipe Lists, How To Guides, Music, Movies, Videos Games and so much more for you to watch and explore. They also have a current trending news section, which they actively update everyday. But not just news, hand-pick positive news. You won't see anything sad or depressing on here.

Please give the website a visit, and hopefully you'll discover something new and exciting.

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