Throne Launches Next Generation Bathroom Infrastructure in Washington, DC

Washington, DC, December 11, 2021 --( Americans go to the bathroom an estimated 1.8 billion times every single day. For many, finding a clean place to go when outside one’s home or office causes anxiety and frustration -- more now than ever. Throne, a DC-based startup poised to modernize bathroom infrastructure with a first of its kind cloud-connected bathroom network. The company has set out to solve that problem, addressing a need that many public entities have struggled to solve at scale due to restrictions placed on government-funded facilities. In November 2021, Throne closed a $6 million Seed round, with investments from Sandalphon Capital, various family offices and angel investors. The company is now poised to launch a network of smart bathrooms across the District and NoVA before expanding into new markets.

Throne leverages smart hardware and a novel operational strategy to ensure a consistently pleasant experience. Thrones are custom-built, solar powered modular bathrooms that offer an indoor bathroom experience with a flushing porcelain toilet and running water sink. Designed during the germ-conscious pandemic, Thrones minimize transmission of germs with robust ventilation, sensor-enabled fixtures, and hands-free entry and exit for a completely touchless experience.

Throne has piloted their high-tech bathrooms at local ghost kitchens, where they are used by kitchen workers and food delivery drivers that are particularly affected by bathroom shortages; and at the Georgetown French Market and the Downtown DC Holiday Market events. The company is ramping up manufacturing and poised for expansion in 2022.

“When you leave your home or office things can get dicey,” said Fletcher Wilson, Throne co-founder and Chief Executive Officer who has struggled with his own gastrointestinal issues over the years. “People often have their bathroom hacks like sneaking into hotels or finding the nearest Starbucks. We’re taking the burden from small businesses and making it easier for anyone to find and access a reliably clean bathroom.” Throne is actively building location partnerships to place Thrones at locations throughout the DMV where there aren’t enough good options. Throne locations will include business and entertainment districts, gas stations, entertainment venues, and more. “Thrones are fully self-contained and solar-powered, so they don’t require connection to any existing infrastructure”, said co-founder and COO Jessica Heinzelman. “In essence, Thrones can be placed just about anywhere.”

Throne is one of a number efforts to improve bathroom access within the District. “DC is one of the only major cities in America that has recognized the importance of restroom availability for the entire population including parents with young children, people with bladder and gastrointestinal issues, tourists, outdoor enthusiasts and nearly everyone that lives in or visits the District,” said Steven Soifer, President and Co-Founder of the American Restroom Association. In 2018, the ARA advocated for the Public Restroom Facilities Installation & Promotion Act which is funding a pilot program to build two public restrooms in high need locations. “Throne is a uniquely scalable solution to the bathroom shortage problem that can complement the city’s efforts,” said Soifer.

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