LANDTOP Put the New Generation Series of Agricultural Machinery on the Market

Strength Group agricultural machinery products that LANDTOP put new generation series of agricultural machinery on the market which meet the new needs of agriculture. LANDTOP offer a variety of engines to respond to the needs of all customers.

Hangzhou, China, December 15, 2021 --( Sustainable farming and machinery
Fast-forward a few years, to an agricultural show of the future, and people might hope for four main trends emerge in the machinery sector, according to the UN’s Food and Agricultural Organization. It believes farm machinery will have to be "intelligent, lean, precise and efficient," if it’s to minimise its effect on soil, water, landscape and biodiversity. Behind the shiny surfaces, people will have something of real substance: sustainability.

Fertilization and combustion in the process of agricultural production will produce chemical pollution and greenhouse effect, which will lead to air and water pollution. These have become issues of widespread concern to the society. As the government increases its efforts, it aims to address the problems caused by manual operations in agricultural production. The burning of straw, the misuse of chemical fertilizers, and the unscientific fertilization have created new environmental demands for agricultural production.

Landtop pays attention to environmental protection and green production.

The agricultural machinery products that LANDTOP put on the market this year fully considers the new needs of agriculture, rural areas and farmers, abide by and implement the policies of environmental protection, sustainable development, and green production, and Farm Tractor, launch tractors, harvesters, cultivators, rice harvesters, drones, Sprinklers and other smart devices have replaced manual operations, reducing incineration, unscientific fertilization, and domestic waste pollution caused by manual operations. Harvesters have large-scale mechanized operations, classified management of harvested crops, and recycling of wheat straw. Reduce link pollution caused by incineration. The sprayer realizes scientific fertilization and scientific pesticide spraying, with fixed rated amount and accurate in place, reducing waste and preventing pollution. Among them, agricultural equipment such as rice harvesters, wheat harvesters, and corn harvesters are admired all over the world, and demand exceeds supply.

Strength Intelligent agricultural machinery pays attention to global environmental issues and helps green production.

1. New in shape, comfortable in driving
The high-pressure common rail engine has persuasive power, low fuel consumption and high reliability, with considerable torque reserve,10% higher than similar products.
2. Excellent performance and high operational efficiency
The entire vehicle adopts waterproof front axle and wire harness, which bring super performance of waterproof and dust proof, and can be operated in both paddy and dry fields.
3. Comfortable driving & easy operation
The high-quality hydraulic steering gear is adopted to make is turning radius only 4.2m. The smallest among similar modes, and the turning is more flexible to reduce the reverse to improve the effectiveness.

LANDTOP specializes in providing intelligent agricultural machinery and solutions. With "sustainable development" and "environmental protection" as the core, it develops and maintains a high-quality living environment, uses artificial intelligence and information and communication technology to achieve labor-saving precision agriculture, and achieves low emissions and low emissions. Green and smart agriculture with the carbon cycle and low pollution will help industries all over the world to truly realize the harmonious production of nature and machines. LANDTOP offer a variety of engines to respond to the needs of all customers.

LANDTOP aspire to become a benchmark enterprise in the field of smart agricultural machinery and smart agriculture, innovate traditional agricultural production, lead agricultural production to new heights, and strive to achieve global synergy of product standardization, so that products and services can better reflect the value of customers and improve through smart manufacturing Human life.

Landtop pays attention to environmental protection and green production.
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