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Voyage Long Term Care Hosts First Annual VIP Awards for Long-Term Care Employees

Voyage Long Term Care Hosts First Annual VIP Awards for Long-Term Care Employees
Oklahoma City, OK, December 16, 2021 --( It’s the season of joy, kindness, and giving.

During this time many organizations are practicing employee appreciation with Christmas bonuses, parties, gifts and more. However, a long-term care management company located in Spencer is taking seasonal employee appreciation to the next level.

Voyage Long Term Care, a management company over long-term care communities, Skyview Nursing Center in East Oklahoma City, Oak Hills Care Center located in Jones, and Edmond Health Care Center of Edmond, is hosting the first of its kind award show for their long-term healthcare professionals called the VIP Awards.

400+ long-term care team members will gather with family and friends at the Science Museum of Oklahoma for a night of fun and gratitude. Team members will get free access to tour the museum, take pictures, enjoy hors de’vours, a cash bar, and finally, an award show within the Science Live auditorium. “Think ... The Oscars, but it’s for our CNAs, CMAs, LPNs, Housekeepers, Dietary Aids, Laundry Aids and everyone else who works within our communities,” CEO and Founder of Voyage Long Term Care, Brad Underwood said.

“These past two years have been the hardest years that all long-term care employees have had to face, and I wanted to show my appreciation to all our team members to show them that we are so appreciative for what they have done.”

At the beginning of October 2021, Voyage sent out an E-mail to the administrative team within all their long-term care communities prompting them to nominate their team members for a Core Value VIP Award. Voyage has five Core Values, Integrity, Leadership, Ministry, Family, and Innovation. “Our Core Values embody who we are as an organization,” Underwood said. “We created these Core Values to follow when we’re making decisions. The winners of our Core Value VIP Awards best embody those values, and they have proven that they follow them when caring for our residents and interacting with their fellow team members.”

Twenty individuals across Oak Hills Care Center, Skyview Nursing Center and Edmond Health Center were chosen as nominees with four nominees for each Core Value VIP Award. Skyview Nursing Center’s Activities and Social Services Director, Amy Presley, was nominated for the Leadership VIP Award, and was invited to the Nominee luncheon held on Friday, December 3. “It’s so nice to be appreciated, I honestly almost cried when they told me I was nominated,” Presley said. “I like to think that my dad would be proud of me. He is the one who taught me to be a leader. I work so hard, and when I found out that out of 300+ employees, I was nominated for an award, it made it seem like it was all worth it.”

Along with the Core Value VIP Awards, Voyage is also presenting the Employee of the Year Award, Home of the Year Award, and the Olivia Easson Survivorship Award. The Olivia Eason Survivorship Award will be awarded in honor of long-time current resident at Oak Hills Care Center, Olivia Eason. “Olivia is a survivor if I’ve ever known one, and she continues to be a woman of faith and strength despite all of the challenges she’s faced,” Underwood said. “We have individuals who work for us who hold those same characteristics of survivorship like Ms. Eason, and we want to honor them for working hard, no matter how hard things get.”

Underwood says that he believes employee appreciation is one of the most vital proponents to running a successful business. “When love your employees, they love you back,” Underwood said. “How can you expect your employees to be the best that they can be if you don’t show how grateful you are of them? We would not be Voyage Long Term Care without our long-term care team members. They are the lifeblood of who we are. I hope that the VIP Awards shows them just how much they are valued and cherished.”
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