Landtop's Professional After-Sales Team of Engineers Provides Customers with Online and Offline After-Sales Technical Guidance Service

Landtop is the farm brand of Zhejiang Strength Group. To make the planting and harvesting activities of enterprises and farms easier and more efficient. Landtop's professional after-sales team of engineers provides customers with online and offline after-sales technical guidance services.

Hangzhou, China, December 29, 2021 --( Tractors make the planting and harvesting activities of enterprises and farms easier and more efficient. It is particularly worth noting that having a basic understanding of tractor maintenance can bring benefits-it is vital to cope with small problems before they become big ones.

Landtop's professional after-sales team of engineers provides customers with online and offline after-sales technical guidance services.

In order to keep the machine in good condition for landscaping or agriculture, it is worthwhile to learn more about maintenance:

Electrical system maintenance: Like all vehicles, the battery power the tractor's engine. When the tractor has an electrical problem, the engineer should first check the battery. Check the terminals and cables to ensure that they are free of debris and deposits. If the battery does not appear to be working properly, the customer needs to call a LandTop expert.

Fuel system problem: the performance of the tractor is not as good as before? The root cause of this situation may be that the fuel system does not comply with the standards. Problems with components that deliver fuel to the engine can cause poor fuel pressure and performance. When the tractor is sent for repairs, a qualified mechanic will need to be able to test the system and restore it to its best operating condition. This may require cleaning the system or replacing defective parts.

Carburetor problem: The carburetor is responsible for mixing the fuel and together creating the correct mixture for the engine operation. Over time, these components may become clogged or damaged. For example, severe corrosion may require cleaning or rebuilding the carburetor.

Spark plug: Problems such as hard drive startup, sub-optimal engine performance and high fuel consumption can all be related to old or wrong spark plugs. The spark plugs should be hereby replaced regularly to ensure the normal operation of the tractor.

Blade sharpening: Although most repairs are related to the engine, it is also important to have definite and readily available blades. For small garden tractors, you can usually remove it and use a file to increase the blade. Large tractors with multiple blades have to be brought to a professional for repairs.

Safety inspection: Walk around the tractor and any connected tools, and check for obstacles under or near the tractor. This includes stone, wooden boards, children's toys, etc. Make sure there are no bystanders; remember that this is a work area. Checking that the wheels are free, not frozen or stuck on the ground. If the rear wheels are frozen on the ground, the tractor may flip backwards around the axle when power is applied. Check for any loose parts or objects on the tractor, such as tools on the platform or around brakes and other controls.

Maintenance tour: A second tour of the tractor to check the tractor itself. This time, check the wear and inflation of the tires, the power output shaft for protection and protection (rotate the protective cover to make sure that it moves freely), and the connection device for the correct connection of the pin and the safety clip. Pay particular attention to any signs of liquid leakage on the ground under the tractor, such as oil, coolant, or fuel.

Check the oil: Take out the dipstick, wipe it clean and check the oil level. If you need oil, remember to wipe it clean before removing the filler cap to prevent dust from being divided into the engine. Use a sterile funnel to clean the top of the oil tank to prevent rust or other foreign objects in the oil.

Checking the radiator: slowly remove the red cap and check the liquid level.

Checking the air pre-filter and air filter. Remove and shake out all dirt.

Checking the fuel level. Fill if necessary, but at the end of the last day of tractor use.

Checking the fire extinguisher. Your tractor should be equipped with a fire extinguisher to prevent fire during operation or refueling. Make sure it is charged and easily accessible.

Check the battery carefully

Sometimes it may be necessary in order to dispose of, adjust or replace the battery on the tractor. The battery contains sulfuric acid, which can cause considerable damage if it comes into contact with the skin. They can also produce a mixture of hydrogen and oxygen, which will explode if exposed to heat or sparks.

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