Optaros Assembles Syndication Application Widget to Increase Revenues for King Digital

King Digital and Optaros Inc. announced the development of Comics Kingdom™, a revenue-generating application widget assembled using open source tools that can be syndicated anywhere on the Web. The assembly includes administrative features, analytics and advertising management systems that allow the customer to maintain and service the widget.

New York, NY, May 15, 2008 --(PR.com)-- King Digital, a unit of King Features Syndicate, and Optaros Inc., an assembler of Next Generation Internet applications, today announced the development of Comics Kingdom™. Comics Kingdom™ is a revenue-generating application widget that can be syndicated anywhere on the Web. Administrative features, analytics and advertising management systems allow King Digital to maintain and service Comics Kingdom™ for its clients.

Optaros worked with King Digital to deliver the solution to TimesUnion.com, the online news site for The Albany Times Union, in less than eight weeks. The application embeds over 1,800 comic strips within a news Web site, preserving its look and feel while seamlessly linking back to the King Digital server where the application resides. The assembly includes an integrated ad server that allows King Digital to embed ads within the comics section and the publisher to do the same within the frame of their Web site.

“Comics Kingdom™ provides an attractive draw for visitors to our Web site,” said Patti Hart, general manager at TimesUnion.com. “The comics are one of the best-read sections of the newspaper and this new content area offers our online readers a colorful, interactive experience that we expect will keep them returning to the site – a definite plus for any potential advertiser.”

King Digital was launched by King Features Syndicate in October 2007 to bring the company’s syndicated content to the Web. King Features Syndicate is a print and online syndication company owned by Hearst Corporation that distributes comics, entertainment and lifestyle columns, editorial cartoons, puzzles and games to more than 5,000 newspapers around the world.

“Comics Kingdom™ provides our clients with opportunities to syndicate rich user experiences that combine traditional content with the community capabilities of Web 2.0,” said John Soppe, managing director of King Digital. “Ultimately, the application widget helps publishers monetize content, engage readers, improve service and optimize ad inventory. It provides a critical, revenue-driving business service to Web site publishers with minimal resource requirements.”

Readers can rate, comment on, create favorites and share comics. Additionally, they can learn about each comic’s creator and its characters. Users can browse their favorite comics, navigating through 30 days of archives of more than 60 different comic strips. Dynamic design features enhance the user experience with visually stimulating images, including a navigation bar with comic character artwork and the ability to choose an avatar to represent readers posting online comments.

“Comics Kingdom™ marries premium content, unique interface design and revenue-generating tools that allow online publishers to respond to the business requirements demanded today,” said Marc Osofsky, vice president of marketing at Optaros. “Furthermore, it shifts the power to consumers, allowing them to drive the comic content that rises to the top. This type of Web 2.0 functionality satisfies the comic appetite of online users, driving repeated interactions on a daily basis.”

About King Digital
King Digital is a premium content and services provider to online publishers and a developer of platforms for licensed brands. As a unit of King Features Syndicate, part of Hearst Entertainment & Syndication Group, King Digital provides content solutions to publishers that reach over 2.5 M unique visitors per month generating 20 M page views through 140-plus online outlets. From comics to lifestyle advice, entertainment and political opinion to cartoons, King Digital offers more than 160 branded and packaged content properties to companies that look to retain loyal users. King Digital enables Web publishers to extend their service and generate ad revenue with minimal resources. For more information about King Digital, go to www.kingfeatures.com/sales/kol.htm

About Optaros
Optaros, an international consulting and systems integration firm, designs and assembles fully supported, Next Generation Internet (NGI) solutions that deliver superior business performance. The unique Optaros Assembly Methodology (OptAM) leverages Open Source, Service Oriented Architectures, rich interface design and a global collaborative delivery model to assemble solutions faster and more flexibly than traditional build, buy or rent options. Optaros serves over 70 clients including ABB, Biogen Idec, Gtech, McKesson, Merck/Serono, New York Times, Sony Pictures, Swisscom, and many others. For more about Optaros, go to www.optaros.com.

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