Memories of a Madam; Rhonda Shear Celebrates the Life of Friend Jody "Babydol" Gibson

Actress turned entrepreneur Rhonda Shear remembers the life of her friend, recording artist and secret Hollywood madam, Jody Babydol Gibson.

St. Petersburg, FL, January 05, 2022 --( Two blondes walked into a party… At the height of popular late-night B-movie/comedy show, USA: Up All Night, the bubbly host Rhonda Shear was immediately drawn to a kindred spirit in the beautiful and effervescent Jody Babydol Gibson at one of Hollywood’s glittering parties of the 90’s. The night they met Rhonda asked Babydol, a recording artist, to come on the show. She showed up at the first of many appearances on USA: Up All Night wearing her latest cassette release as a hair clip. For years Rhonda and Babydol worked together on projects and appeared together on shows, but in all that time Rhonda never realized that her dear friend had been living a secret double life.

While Babydol spent much of her time recording in studio and caring for her many pets, her alter ego was quietly building a reputation as Hollywood’s “Super Madam.” She corralled nearly 300 escorts and worked discreetly with over 1,000 politicians, celebrities, and Hollywood elites for years. Her madam persona, Sasha, created a shadowy empire of sex while Babydol continued her singing and comedy career in the bright lights of Hollywood. In 2000 Jody was arrested, tried, and imprisoned for 3 years in California. Many of her friends were shocked as details about her other life began to surface. Following her release Jody became and author, animal rights activist, and clothing designer, but still appeared on shows and started to speak openly about her experiences as Sasha the Super Madam.

Rhonda and Babydol reconnected during COVID-19 quarantine on the Rhonda Shear Social Hour web show where they talked about being women in business, dished out some Hollywood gossip, and reminisced about their time in LA and on USA: Up All Night. It was with an incredible feeling of loss that Rhonda heard of her friend’s passing, and she hopes that people will remember Babydol as the deviously smart, stunningly beautiful, and generously kind woman she was. Like so many of us, Babydol was more than just one thing and her complex, often hilarious, and always interesting life is one worth celebrating. Of her friend, Rhonda says, “Babydol was beyond talented and a bright and shining force. Life led her down paths most wouldn’t take, but she always came out on top. A true survivor and beautiful inside and out. Her light burned too quickly and we will all miss her passion for life and the arts.”

This week on the Rhonda Shear Social Hour, Rhonda will be sharing clips from some of her favorite moments with Babydol as well as their most recent interview where she talks about meeting Rhonda, celebrity secrets, and how she hid her life as Sasha from friends for so long. Jody Babydol Gibson, you will be so missed.
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