Marriott Communications' Support of Baby Loss Charity Reaches Millions

Edinburgh, United Kingdom, January 06, 2022 --( Marriott Communications’ support of Edinburgh-based baby loss charity, Held In Our Hearts, see’s a successful partnership finishing the year with campaigns reaching over a million people nationally.

In early 2021, Marriott Communications was tasked by the charity to refine their existing communications strategy in order to facilitate a growth in digital presence and brand awareness, whilst also aligning this strategy to the core vision and values of the charity.

For Held In Our Hearts, the conditions set out by the ongoing COVID pandemic meant that their community, and specifically bereaved parents, had to be supported digitally - meaning that an adaptation to digital marketing was paramount.

In light of this, Marriott Communications successfully developed several digital campaigns, implemented a refined approach to digital communication channels, and cultivated support at a community level and with key external stakeholders.

Over the course of the year, Held In Our Hearts and Marriott Communications established over 1.04 million digital impressions, and increased brand awareness by 4450%. This growth ensured that the work that Held In Our Hearts does in support of bereaved parents was highlighted at a national level, and further worked to assure bereaved parents that they are not alone after the death of their baby.

Marriott Communications’ Managing Director, Samuel Marriott-Dowding, stated, “The work that Held In Our Hearts does, and continues to do, in their support of bereaved parents is exceptional. They lead with love and compassion, and this is something that has been reflected in the collaborative work that we have undertaken this year.

“Working with Held In Our Hearts for the past 12 months has been incredible - not only have I seen the power a local community holds in raising funding and awareness for a charity, but also of how a community is able to come together in times of crisis.”
Marriott Communications
Samuel Marriott-Dowding