Small Business Cobra Direct Generates Over $250K in First Year

In just half a year of being open, Cobra Direct has generated over a quarter-million dollars in revenue. They are the #1 source of new business for their Fortune 500 clients in Evansville and have attributed their success to the work they put in daily.

Evansville, IN, January 09, 2022 --( Cobra Direct, Inc. is a direct marketing firm located in Evansville, IN. They opened their doors on June 3, 2021. During their first fiscal year (Jan. 2021 - Dec. 2021), they have generated $289,351.93 in revenue. That's over a quarter-million dollars in 6 short months.

When asked what he attributes to their high level of success so far, Matt Singleton (CEO) says, "Not being complacent and spending time every single day to help every single individual in our company grow."

He says that they dedicate 20% of each workday focusing on the personal and professional development of their employees. Because of this implementation, he has found that getting “even just 1% better each day” carries much more weight than staying stagnant in growth. Because of this, he says their employees come to work with a student mentality and excitement to get the work done.

They started the company back in June with just 4 total employees. Since then, they have had an amazing recruitment period and have brought on 16 additional full-time employees. Despite the work and hiring conditions surrounding our global pandemic, Cobra Direct is dedicated to the growth and expansion of their company.

“Honestly, I think it boils down to having an amazing team. We invest so much into the people we bring on because we know that they are what’s going to make our company successful. We have a multiple round interview process and extensive training in place to make sure we find people that are going to be a great fit with our company and we want to give those people all of the resources we have available to be successful,” Human Resources Director, Ceanna Johnson says.

Moving forward, Matt says he plans to "stay in the moment and stay present to understand our company and client needs. If I do this, I know we’ll continue to have good days. When we stack up enough good days, we’ll have another great year.” Matt also promises to “always invest back into the business and continue to help grow our company.”
Cobra Direct, Inc.
Ceanna Johnson
5401 Vogel Rd.
Suite 310
Evansville, IN 47715