Kryptonite Solutions Launches Its Pioneering Futuristic Technology Products to Help Transform the Healthcare Industry

The company aims to assist the healthcare facility through its state-of-the-art products.

Mumbai, India, January 12, 2022 --( Kryptonite Solutions launches its pioneering futuristic technology with its groundbreaking and latest technology, delivering high-quality products. Headquartered in Mumbai and New York, the company has been consistently striving since its foundation in 2013 with the aim to transform the healthcare environment.

The unique focus of Kryptonite Healthcare Design is that they provide virtual nature-themed environments such as MRI Patient Relaxation Line, In-Bore MRI Cinema, Neuro Imaging Products and Virtual Skylights for healthcare facilities.

It remains a significant challenge for patients experiencing anxiety or claustrophobia during the Magnetic Resonance Imaging or MRI procedure. The company recognises this imperative matter and understands the importance of making the MRI experience pleasant and relaxing.

Exemplified by their mission, "transform the healthcare environment helping patients and people working," Kryptonite Solutions adds value to every patient's MRI experience with products including Ambient Experience that utilises dynamic lighting and aesthetically designed system in the MRI projector.

Many MRI entertainment systems come with an MRI compatible TV or an MRI compatible screen placed in front or behind the MRI bore. This allows patients and staff to choose from various themes.

Another distinct product of Kryptonite Solutions is their Virtual Skylights for healthcare, the only research-verified globally. Among the product's characteristics is a biophilic illusion of nature, multisensory and unique Open Sky Compositions, illusions of the sky, which reduces the mental agitation and brings a visceral feeling of expansion.

Through its technology-driven and innovative products, Kryptonite Solutions' latest and advanced product is turnkey fMRI Solution. This product has a user-friendly interface with an fMRI Visual System and is as per the American Society of Functional Neuroradiology (ASFNR) standards.

Trusted by leading healthcare companies worldwide, the company has an extensive network of distributors in more than 15 countries with over 150 installations. Kryptonite Solutions has an innovative approach by identifying and improving patients' experiences.

The company leverages its state-of-the-art products and aims to be:

● Designers but also partners in health
● Pioneers in education
● Innovators in workplace strategy
● Preservers of culture
● Creators of a better tomorrow

About Kryptonite Solutions

Kryptonite Solutions provides easy-to-use products to transform the healthcare industry with its futuristic technology products. Founded in 2013 by Mr Paras Doshi, the company follows an evidence-based research approach that serves patients and providers. The company's driving force is its mission to radically make a difference through its products.

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