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New Age Diamonds: Your Personal Diamond Created from Human or Animal Hair

New Age Diamonds proudly presents a new and unique patented product, "Your Personal Diamond" (YPD) - personalized lab-grown diamonds created from human or animal hair. The product is for the funeral and pet market as well as other jewelry related industries such as weddings, gifts and beauty salons.

New York, NY, March 30, 2006 --( Before now there were memorial diamonds created from human ashes. The appearance of "Your Personal Diamond" gives customers more choice. Personalized diamonds created from hair have optical, chemical, and physical properties of natural diamonds are available in three colors: yellow, greenish and deep red.

Uses for "Your Personal Diamond"

- funeral homes, cemeteries and crematories can widen the scope of their memorial services;

- pet memorial services, accessories, breeders, hairdressers and other services for domestic dogs, cats, horses and etc;

- other jewelry: weddings and special gifts.

The principal characteristics of the product are the following:

1. The hair structure is unique and the set of the microelements of hair could be seen as a certain individual code which is taken from hair and then used in the diamond creation. We use a scientific method which proves the connection between a grown diamond and its personalized source. This is confirmed by the certificate.

2. Hair is an easily available source of the material for the diamond creation. We need approx. 1 gram of hair.

3. We're not limited to cremation which considerably widens the potential market in comparison with diamonds from human ashes.

"We have no doubt that the product will be in demand" says Serge Shulepov, President of the Company: "Our production powers are able to satisfy a large number of customers and we are open for partnership with companies offering "Your Personal Diamond" to their clients."

Your Personal Diamond product detailed information:

More information about New Age Diamonds:

Toll-Free number: +1-888-NAD-4-YPD (+1-888-623-4-973)

About New Age Diamonds

New Age Diamonds is one of the biggest man-made diamond manufacturers. The company produces fancy coloured cultured diamonds which have optical, chemical, and physical properties of natural diamonds. Constant innovation of technology and collecting priceless experience is the strategy that improves the quality and increases the size of grown stones.

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