Florida Association of ACOs Welcomes RPM Connector as a Business Partner

Florida Association of ACOs Welcomes RPM Connector as a Business Partner
Saint Johns, FL, February 08, 2022 --(PR.com)-- Florida Association of ACOs (FLAACOs), a ValueH organization and one of the leading voices for value-based care announces Connector LLC, developers of RPMConnector.com, featuring the NIRA Temp wireless thermometer system as part of a unique Remote Patient Monitoring program as its newest Business Partner.

Connector LLC is excited to help provide members with a new and cost-effective way to both detect fever and improve communication between practices and patients, each will help support ACOs goal of improving patient outcomes and close gaps in care.

“Fever detection from data collected over time helps physicians better gauge when it is necessary to elevate care levels, especially with high-risk patients. RPM Connector allows practices to bill for regular staff follow up using RPM codes with high-risk patients; better communication outside scheduled appointments, can help refocus the patients attention on treatment for their condition, make sure they are adhering to medication treatments and scheduling follow up appointments,” said Timothy Sullivan, founder of Connector LLC. “This is especially concerning for healthcare providers in Florida as they have the largest proportion of adults aged 65 and older in the nation.”

Our thermometer measures “axial” body temperature. The device is designed to be held under the armpit by an adhesive patch, although we are investigating the usefulness of it held inside the patients’ upper arm using an adjustable stretch loop fabric. The small but robust thermometer is synchronized to the patient’s smart phone, and shared with the practice. Data from the device can be reviewed periodically by the practice or alerts can be set up to send messages to caregivers as needed and desired. When deployed this device and service gives caregivers better and faster access to information that indicates a growing illness in a patient. Earlier detection leads to earlier treatment. Earlier treatment for ACO members on average improves patient outcomes through care gap closure and higher standards of care.

“Membership with FLAACOs will allow Connector LLC to connect directly with ACOs and their providers focused on delivering quality care to patients throughout Florida,” said Nicole Bradberry, FLAACOs CEO. “Early detection of fever along with other risk factors, can help speed treatment for viruses and infections. In these days of COVID, this could be a good tool in diagnosing those most at risk.”

About Florida Association of ACOS (FLAACOs), a ValueH Organization
ValueH is the leading member organization in the U.S. with a dedicated focus on driving positive and sustainable change in how value-based care is delivered and reimbursed. Founded in 2012, ValueH’s FLAACOs is a professional organization for accountable care organizations and healthcare leaders throughout Florida and beyond. The association brings organizations together and drives providers to work together to increase the quality of care delivered to patients while significantly lowering medical costs overall. To learn more please visit our websites at www.flaacos.com and www.valueH.com and connect with us on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

About Connector LLC
Connector LLC, creator of RPM Connector, works to bring emerging technology in line with health practices to improve outcomes in terms of efficiency and leading to greater quality of care. RPMConnector is an Authorized Distributor for SemiNex in Peabody, MA. Connector LLC was founded by Timothy Sullivan, MBA who works with the best developers and engineers in the industry to further company and client goals. For more information and the latest news follow: https://www.RPMConnector.com/
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